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The Hidden Souls

Demos Chiang

A Peaceful Mind_Mixed media on canvas_134.0x84.0cm_2023

Whitestone Gallery Seoul is delighted to present “The Hidden Souls,” the inaugural solo exhibition in Korea by Taiwanese artist Demos Chiang, from May 4th to June 9th. Born into a scholarly Taiwanese family and educated in the West, Demos crafts a new style of literati painting that melds Eastern and Western cultural influences. His artworks often feature animals as motifs, rendered in vibrant colors and dynamic lines to explore profound observations and philosophical insights about the world. In 2021, he was the main exhibiting artist at the Chengdu Biennale – Super Fusion, where his installation works received high artistic acclaim.

Keeping My Hearts__Mixed media on canvas_84.0x134.0cm_2023

Demos uses paint, acrylic, and ink as his primary materials, employing techniques such as splashing and scraping, along with various Western techniques, to create diverse textures and rich layers in his paintings. His paintings are particularly notable for featuring English poems next to animal images, extending the tradition of Chinese literati painting and calligraphy. Previously known as a distinguished designer managing public art projects, Demos also delves into sculpture, exploring the transience of life and time, thus enriching his works with profound depth and meaning.

The Cypress Dragon_Brass & lacquer_ 25.9 × 26.8 × 22.0cm_2023

The exhibition “The Hidden Souls” especially highlights mystical animals like dragons, unicorns, and black swans, delving into the depths of inner emotion and the complexities of existence. It focuses on metaphorically revealing the powerful forces hidden within easily overlooked or forgotten lives, inviting viewers to explore the deeper resonances within their own inner worlds.

Whitestone Gallery
70 Sowol-ro, Yongsan-ku, Seoul