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Presented for the first time in 2023, Kiaf Membership started as an extension to an academy program(VIP for MZ) by the Galleries Association of Korea. It offers a wealth of benefits including a VIP ticket to Kiaf SEOUL along with access to lectures, tours, networking parties, and tickets to major domestic art fairs.
The program demonstrates long-term focus on fostering and expanding the network within the Korean art community. Kiaf Membership aims to discover and foster a new collector base to support contemporary art, and to help them grow into strong art patrons the Art Market.


  • Ticket: VIP ticket to Kiaf SEOUL
  • Art Goods: Kiaf SEOUL Catalogue / Eco bag
  • Program: 2 Pre-Kiaf talk session, Guided tour for Kiaf SEOUL, 2 Networking Party
  • Others: Ticket to related domestic art fairs (Galleries Art Fair, BAMA, Diaf)
  • Kiaf Membership 2023 is valid until May, 2024.


  • Application for 2023 Membership is closed.
    • - How to Sign up: Deposit annual fee > Submit application form (Google Form) > Confirm subscription via Email
    • - Annual Fee: 700,000 KRW
  • Kiaf Membership is available to a limited number of members, up to 100.
  • Please note that the application will be accepted on first come first served basis, when the deposit is confirmed.
  • Those accepted as a member will receive a confirming email within 1-2 business days of deposit.