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Takasi Suzuki’s Solo Exhibition “Color and”

2022. 3. 12 – 4. 16
Takasi Suzuki

Takashi Suzuki who majored in sculpture at Tokyo University of Arts, is working on painting, a two-dimensional flat surface, not a three-dimensional space. When we look closely at Takashi Suzuki’s work, we can sense the sculpture hidden in his two-dimensional plane.

He uses intense red and blue for primary colors to fill the entire canvas and constructs a screen consisting of only simple lines. In this way, the attitude that values color is also found, but also, the features of sculpture can be found by the method he creates the screen.

The pure colors in the screen makes characteristics of color plane painting and consistency of sculpture. Also the crossing lines impose the illusion of spatiality in 2 dimension. These elements are consistantly revealed in Takashi Suzuki’s work.

Takashi Suzuki worked on geometric hexagonal column rods or forged iron rods from the beginning of his career to the 1990s. Works with the lines on the screen seem to be influenced by his experience of working on objects using cylinders in the beginning of his career. It seems like that the material and place of sculpting works from 1990s are converted into pigments and canvas, and the artist has been steadily contemplating the relationship between sculpting and painting.

Works with the clear contrast of the red and blue monochrome, which the artist has been working on since 2007, give the exhibition space extra spatiality and lead visitors to experience the expanded space. Takashi Suzuki’s works suggest the possibility of sculpture on a flat canvas and express the features of both genres. Through our exhibition in Seoul, we wish the visitors could meet Takashi Suzuki’s thought about the the spatiality and two dimension.

Gallery Shilla + Art project and Partners in Seoul
108, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 53 422 1628

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