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On A Clear Valley

YU Hae Kyung

Installation View of On A Clear Valley 

Mountain is important to YU Hae Kyung. It is the beginning of the shape of making her own real landscape and is mixed with indoor spaces everywhere in the work. An expression that is close to illusion as if it were real but not real, and the experiences of various places are based. To her, the mountains are familiar but unknown where she heads to. It is expressed as a space that resembles reality that anyone can sympathize with. It is a scene where movement is predicted quietly but constantly, and the color of the pigment that rises calmly creates a strange landscape in harmony with the shaping technique that extends everywhere. The pursuit of an ideal, a space that you can stay in your imagination without being there, includes the possibility of realizing a certain wish as an opportunity for the artist to work.

고하선경도 高下仙境圖 An Ideal State, 120x170cm,장지에채색 Color on Korean paper, 2023

Is she simply trying to put busy modern people in here? Behaviors of anonymous people are observed in the distance. Inner desire transforms into specific space. The expression of Chaekgado, which meets indoor places and vertical and horizontal, is reminiscent of modern buildings, and the artist’s own emotions create a mysterious scene where abstractions and facts coexist. Now, the space of consciousness becomes a picture like a world where there is nothing impossible while we are sitting down. The dichotomous boundary between nature and civilization naturally meets, and the old and the present harmonize in pictures.

스스로 자라는 산 I Mountains Grow By Themselves I, 48x66cm, 장지에 채색 Color on Korean paper, 2023

If the pursuit of an invisible utopia and traditional landscape paintings were aimed at utopia through the mountains, the artist focuses on expression and develops more free thoughts. It connects a part that is reminiscent of the symbol of material civilization. In addition, through the installation work, the artistry and values that our ancestors showed were shown in detail. A smoothly flowing mountain in space is revealed in three dimensions, away from the flat picture. We can also meet Jegang (flying pig) from Sanhaegyeong (Mountain Sea Landscape). The installation work interpreted Cha Kyung (借景), which provides us a break and look at the possibility of realization. It shows the mountains that look at the world from the perspective of the relationship between the majority and individual perspectives.

일상과 상상 Everyday Life And Imagination, 91x73cm, 장지에 채색 Color on Korean paper, 2023

‘Conversation In The Mountains’ is a place where we can see the artist’s inner side, and there is a person who talks with Jegang. The artist’s paintings continue to be traditional and do not let go of the current view of art. She introduces her existence into the world and metaphors it in the landscapes. It is a landscape that expresses emotions rationally and calmly by displaying the sense of returning experiences that she didn’t recognize. With the spirit of being free, which is still practiced, she refines herself in nature and conveys a feeling of harmlessness. Furthermore, communication with visitors is the purpose of the artist.

자라는 산 덩어리 A Mass of Growing Mountains, 38×45.5cm,장지에 채색 Color on Korean paper, 2022

When imagination changes into concrete thoughts and is realized as desire, the realization fills society and is absorbed into the existing culture. The moment today becomes yesterday is a tradition and the flow is getting faster. There have been many things that can reveal themselves when personal daily life is intertwined with social trends, but the recent homework of artists is to increase the difficulty of keeping and accepting choices. Knowing the nature of Korean painting, which is similar but becomes difficult to handle if it is too different, the artist worries.

Installation View of On A Clear Valley

The power of tradition is strong. With tasks that come from the reality of having to continue and accepting new things, the artist heads back to the mountain. Feeling different every moment, recognizing one’s existence and accepting it as it is rather than wishing for something else is an opportunity for recharging. As an artist living in the present, she rethinks tradition. She puts the respect for nature, the infinite and finite nature of life into her own landscape.

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