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Yvonne Boag

2023. 3. 8 – 3. 25
Yvonne Boag

Bayside 2021_acrylic on canvas_ 80 x 129 cm

Yvonne boag’s artworks, which will be presented at UM Gallery this time, are a record of a series of events in her life, including people.

Blue Road_53x65cm_2022_acrylic on canvas

Yvonne Boag says this about the artworks that will be presented at the UM Gallery.
‘My latest way of working is to keep track of the flow.
In other words, a series of events in my life are expressed on canvas in patterns, shapes, colors and the images represented consist of a series of related ideas.

Ladies_gouache and crayon on paper_119 x 109 cm_2022

After all, what is essential is time. I realized that time is the only thing we can really own, and the consequences of how we use this time make up our lives.

untitled_50 x 66 cm_2023_acrylic on paper

My work of art can be seen as an attempt to take time and leave a trace of where and how I existed. It is also to record all the things I have done and the consequences of my existence, people around me who are essential parts of my life.’
She has a special affection for Korea and has met many experiences and countless people, creating a bridge between Australia and Korea. In particular, by introducing leading domestic artists to Australia, she realized the speciality of Korean art early on.
In her work, which expresses the scenery, people, emotions and experiences faced between the two countries, we can see a familiar and unfamiliar exotic landscape at the same time.
Perhaps that’s why Yvonne Boag’s artwork is warm, and the abstract expression of simplified objects was born as an expression of the self that only she could have and a unique formative language.
The exhibition will be held at UM Gallery in Seoul from March 8 (Wed) to March 25 (Sat), with about 30 drawing works and 10 canvas works that she recorded her daily life.

untitled_59.5 x 41.8 cm_2022_mixed media

UM Gallery
3F, 64, Garosugil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea