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The Sound of Silence

Young-se Lee

For his new exhibition at Galerie Vazieux, Young-sé Lee presents his recent paintings with previously unpublished compositions. He introduces fragment and rhythm, and experiments with monochrome in all the subtlety of its nuances.

Young-se Lee, Atlantide, 2023, Gouache and inks on hanji paper, 130 x 130 cm_Courtesy the artist & Galerie Vazieux

Have you ever listened to the sound of silence?

That of the breath of the breeze between the leaves, of the caress of the air on the stones, of the grains of sand that are carried away by the wind?

That of the sparkle of the sun reflected by the rhythm of the waves, of the running of the rain between the pebbles, of the water quivering on the surface of the pond?

That of the cracking of the burning earth, of the dryness of the wood when winter dies, of the bark that crunches under the effect of time?

Young-se Lee, M´editation, 2023, Gouache and inks on hanji paper, 200 x 200 cm_Courtesy the artist & Galerie Vazieux

Young-Sé Lee’s works are invitations to awaken the senses. They sing of the azure of the sky and the blue of the sea, the shades of brown and ocher in the pale morning light. They exude the scent of the earth after the storm, evoking the roughness of the rock under the fingers. They invite a meditative dive into the silence of the natural world.

Young-Sé Lee owes his poetry of nature to his Korean heritage. From his native country, he also retains the use of mulberry paper (hanji) and plant and mineral pigments. It was in the studio of his father, Ung-no Lee, then at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris that he developed his creative audacity and his mastery of materials.

Young-Sé Lee’s paintings are the expression of a personal language. It all begins with the sculptor’s gesture: a wooden board that he engraves, cuts with abstract patterns, and on which he affixes a strip of paper soaked in ink and water. As it dries, the sheet takes the imprint of its matrix, adopting its furrows and reliefs. Finally, the artist assembles and glues these sheets onto a stretched canvas. The textures are sometimes enhanced with touches of color, sometimes left to the play of shadows between the folds of the paper and the ambient light. Abstract landscapes appear, conducive to contemplation.

Young-se Lee, Osmose, 2023, Gouache and ink on hanji paper, 265 x 220 cm_Courtesy the artist & Galerie Vazieux

Galerie Vazieux
5 bis rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris
+331 48 00 91 00