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2020.9.16 – 10.17

“KIAF in Eko NUGROHO”, a presentation of works under the theme of ‘an exhibition within an exhibition’, is currently on view at Arario Gallery Seoul. The works, which are being presented at the KIAF Online Viewing Room are being shown at the Seoul location alongside the ongoing solo exhibition by Eko NUGROHO. Through the concept of an artist’s open studio, Arario Gallery overcomes the limitations of online art fairs and offers an opportunity for the public to experience the works in the physical space of the gallery.

This presentation showcases not only young artists from Arario Gallery, such as GWON Osang, Kohei NAWA, LEE Dongwook, KIM Inbai, and LEE Jinju, but also key artists who represent the history of Korean art, including UM Taijung, SHIM Moonseup, JUNG Kangja, and RYU In. Collectors and visitors are given a unique opportunity to wander through and experience the works in areas, which have often been considered as hidden spaces in the gallery. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with KIAF 2020 until 17 October.

Arario Gallery
84 Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 541 5701 (11am – 6pm KST)