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2022. 5. 28 – 6. 30

2GIL29 GALLERY will have ceramic artist Sukyoung Kang’s solo exhibition from May 28 to June 30. This exhibition presents works that express elegant images of white porcelain by applying appropriate modifications to simple geometric shapes. The artist who has been working on the variation of “Korean white beauty,” has built his own abstract ceramics with research on production methods and techniques that “artificially transform” after perfectly embodying the form to the principle. Sukyoung Kang paradoxically implemented a production method that maximizes aesthetic intuition in the “slip casting technique,” which is mainly used in industrial work that is easy to reproduce. This technique has been steadily developed since he studied abroad in France in the early 80s. Make a cylinder or cube mold with plaster, bake them after pouring white clay, and then make a hole or a mark to crush it with a wooden knife or line to add vitality and bring out an aesthetic effect.

Sukyoung Kang, 2022, Ceramic 54x58x18cm © 2GIL29 GALLERY

Sukyoung Kang’s pieces create aesthetic value in the form of ‘natural texture’. The way his ‘natural texture’ includes the actions expressed by humans, which are part of nature. In other words, the meaning behind “the texture of nature” expressed by the artist also leaves traces of “human as nature” on the piece, not the intervention of reason as a creature. Ceramic artist Sukyoung Kang researched his own production methods and techniques by focusing on new experiments, not trends of the times. He referred to the first requirement of the work as ‘being real’. At long intervals working process, Sukyoung Kang dug deeply into the world hidden inside him and restored rediscovered the traditional value of “Me-Us.”In this exhibition, he is going to embody the mysterious beauty of the Joseon dynasty period’s white porcelain in modern installations. You will be able to see a new abstract formative beauty that presents another direction of modern Korean ceramics, focusing on the work of experimenting with the perfect shape and color of tradition and modern ceramics from a long time experiment.

Installation view, Sukyoung Kang 2022, 2GIL29 GALLERY, Seoul, Korea ⓒ2GIl29 GALLERY

Sukyoung Kang was born in Seoul in 1949. He majored in pottery at Hongik University and Graduate School, and graduated pottery at École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’art, Paris, France. After returning to Korea, he served as the dean of Ewha Womans University’s College of Arts and Design/the head of the Ceramics Research Institute for 30 years, striving to research and foster students. His work converges to the purest achromatic color white, just as he skips fancy techniques so extracts the source that can reach infinite modeling. Especially, his work contains a sense of Korean beauty, “a culture of texture”, which should be mainly dealt with in pottery. His works, which are deeply melted into “the beauty of Korean white aesthetic”, have already been internationally recognized for their formativeness, therefore, have been permanently exhibited at the International Olympic Ceramic Sculpture Museum in Athens, Greece with worldwide artists since 2003, but also at numerous major museums such as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA) in Korea, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in UK Brooklyn museum in the US…etc. Lastly, you can permanently enjoy his work of 4,000 white porcelain, celadon, and grayish-blue-powdered celadon[=Buncheong sagi] pieces installed on the exterior of the Seoul Museum of Craft art(SeMoCA).

2GIL29 Bldg. 35, Ganganam-daero 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 6203 2015