Crokuis with heart of Jeju Island

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2022. 5. 11 – 6. 4
Hong Si-ya

Hong Si-ya lives in Jeju Island and mainly depicts the natural scenery of Jeju Island and the life in it. Her paintings are full of warm emotions and love. The energy of life springs up, and nature and humans in it communicate peacefully and warmly. Amidst the irony of the now when nature is not well for human safety, the artist brings out the warm images that people might have in their hearts through the realization that peaceful coexistence between nature and humans is the only way to truly be happy.

Emptiness 2022 mixed media on canvas 91 x 116.8 cm
같이 살자. 우리 2018 mixed media on canvas 130.3 x 166.2 cm

Hond Shi-ya paints with the hope that it will be a small reverberation and comfort to someone. In 2015, she named < Croquis of Heart > to her work method of capturing the movement of images such as sensuous images, feelings, emotions, and afterimages at the point of encounter with objects, people, and landscapes, and then quickly transferring them to drawings. She has now moved to Jeju and continues her works.

Still sea 2021 mixed media on canvas 53 x 45 cm

“I want to trace the deep subconscious mind and draw the story of the things that passes through my mind and heart. For me, drawing is an inner observation and a record of today’s day. Even today, I am concentrating on the story of how my senses are staying somewhere between the body and the mind, repeating getting lost and returning on this road with a wide inner space open.” – Artist Notes

Bright Jeju #surrender 2021 mixed media on canvas 74 x 91 cm

The world Hong Shi-ya deals with is round, harmonious, and has no boundaries. All beings freely radiate their meanings, values, and fragrances, while maintaining a peaceful intimacy that cares for each other. It is a vast field, the sea floor, the sky, and the universe, and it is like a multidimensional space where all of them float freely. In addition, it is full of the vibrating energy of life, and the mountains and seas, houses, roads, sun and moon, bushes and animals each have their own stories, and these stories are connected to each other at some point to make the whole story.

Depending on their own autonomous will, they sometimes float slowly in the infinite sky, sit down calmly on the ground to form a safe fenced village, and spread out like a space base to face other beings and communicate with each other. . So, the objects in the picture lie flat, fly lightly, spin round and round, and ride the rhythm like a shoulder dance. On the other hand, here, newborn beings and beings embracing concentrated years of time share a relaxed breath with each other, and the cycle of small seeds and fruits intersects peacefully.

– Excerpts from – ‘Where wellness and hope grow’, Choi Jeong-ju, former director of Jeju Museum of Art

모호행성 2022 mixed media on canvas 60.5 x 60.5 cm

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