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Lee Hyunjoung Solo Exhibition : Infinity Path

Lee Hyunjoung

The Columns Gallery Seoul is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Korean artist Lee Hyun Joung. Lee extends a captivating invitation to the viewers, guiding us into a world where hanji becomes a medium for exploring nature’s essence, spiritual dimensions, and cultural heritage, all while redefining the limits of traditional craftsmanship. Lee’s canvas, aptly titled “Great Paths,” transcends mere visual aesthetics, delving into layers of significance capable of rekindling dormant historical narratives within. Through this, an intimately personal and spiritually evocative journey unfurls.

Installation View 1

Born in 1972 in Korea, Lee Hyun Joung emerges as a visionary artist whose creative expression resonates with the intricate tapestry of her South Korean childhood recollections. Employing the artisanal Hanji paper, derived from the inner bark of Mulberry trees and renowned for its inherent durability and adaptability, Lee’s oeuvre distinctly occupies the juncture of Korean cultural heritage and the realm of refined artistic pursuit.

Installation View 2

A true virtuoso of the Hanji craft, Lee undertakes the creation of each paper herself. The deliberate and introspective procedure of handcrafting paper from the inner bark of Mulberry trees unfolds akin to a meditative practice in Lee’s hands. As she meticulously separates the fibers, the composition gradually takes form within her consciousness, permitting the process to converse with her, steering the inception of every artistic endeavor.

Central to her artistic approach is her methodology of allowing the Hanji paper’s innate relief to manifest organically, eschewing its compression. Employing her brush, she inscribes intricate line patterns that both accentuate and intersect with the paper’s embossed architecture, culminating in an otherworldly, almost reverie-like quality imbued in her creations. As reflective as her artistic method, her pieces capture undulating elevations and graceful crests, evoking the tactile memory of mountains and other geological formations.

Installation View 3

In 2017, Lee has won the Taylor Prize at Art Capital – Grand palais Paris. She has participated in group exhibitions including Salon d’Automne Paris, Art Capital, Beyond Borders Art Exhibition Hong Kong and International Paper Art Biennale in Shanghai, China. Additionally, she has held solo exhibitions globally, including Galerie Plexus Swiss, Foundation Taylor Paris and Gallerie Sept Brussels.

Installation View 4

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