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[GALLERIES] gallery NoW

2021.4.1 – 4.21
Um hyu yong

하추로 낙엽송 여름,2021,Pigment Print on Cotton Paper,110x145cm
백두대간로 소나무 여름, Pigment Print on Cotton Paper,110x145cm, 2021

Um hyo yong’s watercolor-like photographs of trees, forests, and sky are the result of a quite difficult work made with serial records of subjects.

One piece with an unrealistic appearance consisting of overlapping photos of 100-300 individual street trees It contains the individuality of the trees that we often pass by. Also, the sky recorded every day since 2009 makes people think about time and existence. One image created by collecting hundreds of photographs one by one is another place of reflection that can be enjoyed in front of beautiful nature. We invite you to this special place.

Gallery NoW
16, Eonju-ro 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 725 2930


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