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2021.1.16 – 2.6
Charlie Hahn

2GIL29 GALLERY presents Charlie Hahn’s from the 16th of January to the 6th of February 2021. Charlie Han’s practice discovers architectural and cultural issues through diverse genres from photography, media art to installation works. Starting from <Line+beep2> in 2018, in 2019, and this exhibition will be the third show with 2GIL29 GALLERY. The first exhibition <Line+beep2> was a form of geometric drawing using masking tape, destroying and re-building the physical space from different angles and depending on view point of the viewers. In , Charlie Han introduced digital works creating visual illusions by projecting virtual lines, planes, and geometry on the physical space. The digital elements were allegorical metaphors of natural scenes in our day to day. The exhibition 2021 is a result of the artist’s archival habit, recording specific time and memories by inserting dates and time. It is the artist’s attempt to link the past and present with specific numbers in order to remember the old times.

Charlie Hahn__Significant Digit 1009__38x54_Mixed media on rotary print_2020

The artist selected several historical images, replicated on top of news print papers, folded and hid the images in 100 different places. After re-collecting the images in a while, the artist straightened the folded images and printed numbers in relation to the hidden places using stencil technique. As soon as personal memories are identified and appears through the numeric system which is humanity’s universal language, it resolves to normal. The lined-up numbers (signifier) transform into the viewer’s(signified) individual memories. The exhibition handles 20 different works by the artist including the artist’s newest two-dimensional works , and short animation film . Since the artist spent half of his life time abroad, after moving back to his home country, everything has changed except of silhouettes of unclear memories. The animation shows the artist’s attempt to narrow the gap between unclear memories of the past and present through linking date and time. Therefore, the exhibition becomes a mediator creating personal speculation for the viewer’s and agitating deep memories from the past. Artist Biography.

Charlie Hahn__Significant Digit 0316__38x54_Mixed media on rotary print_2020

Charlie Hahn (B.1973) majored photography in the Fine Arts department in Maryland Institute College of Art in United States and mastered Digital Art. Moreover, received another Fine Arts master’s degree in Towson University. The artist was a member of Yonsei University’s media art research team from 2005 to 2008 and participated in the government’s cultural project, ‘Gwangju, the center of culture’. Moreover, the artist was a faculty member in Maryland Institute College of Art and currently a professor of the film animation department in Art tech college, Keimyung University since 2015. Media artist Charlie Han is currently presenting works lively in both local and global market.

35, Gangnam-daero 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06034 Korea
+82 2 6203 2015