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Where The Light Is

2022. 8. 12 – 8. 26
LIM Min Sung

Water Reflection. 227.3×145.5cm .oil on linen. 2022

For the artist, landscape is a perfect transfer of the form of nature on the canvas, but he’s not satisfied with it. There is also the realism of nature, but it is a scene that is revealed when the forms are harmonious. It is a landscape that appears when light matches over trees, earth, and waves to identify immaterial things. It is a nature that reveals moist air, light, wind, and it is not poor and has the energy of the earth. Glitter, the artist’s painting presupposes light. In order to put this natural phenomenon that can be seen anytime, anywhere, the harmony of form is captured on the waves or gently revealed among the forests. Scientifically, the absence of form is only a temporary phenomenon, but when viewed as art, light depends on how it is drawn as an element that becomes the form of things. It’s a mechanism that creates an atmosphere on the canvas. However, in the artist’s paintings, light comes naturally. It comes to gentleness in unadorned nature rather than flamboyance with the feeling of being transmitted when we see. As a subject that the artist especially likes, water reflection is a proof of his career as an artist, but shape is a symbol of life when the light meets the flowing water. It may be to find something fundamental about nature as a phenomenon that cannot be grasped by hand. As a reality that has existed, for him, landscape painting is a behavior that tries to capture something in the present form that existed in the past and now. As landscape paintings and what the art does, painting nature connected to his daily life in the full of many things already faces reality on the premise of rational and calmness. The glare and light that is still detected are indispensable objects for humans, including him, and light is also an element that creates a subtle melancholy that makes a person’s mind dim. The artist is harmonizing the forms in the painting without detailed events around light and water reflection.

In the Morning, 194×112cm, oil on line, 2021

The painting changes depending on what is placed at the center by coordination of matter, non-material, and form, and the shape that becomes a lump of the paint layer forms a distance and proximity depending on the harmony of light. As a result of the process of finding the existence of nature through its own interpretation, it is a recent small view of nature, which has been simplified. The color darkened by the direction with more space shows the temperature difference between light and dark that is clearly revealed. The artist’s sentiments are added, but nothing is fixed. Rather than asking why, it seems like a desire to observe the reality that is always faced with an attitude of looking at nature with wonder. It may be a story that agrees with the color of experience that adds emotion to the color of Goethe, a German philosopher, or it is also a story by attraction as a human and artist who conflicts between reason and emotion, reality and desire. Looking at the naturally observed light and the shadow of a tree falling through the forest, I feel the fineness of life. To put it grandly, what can I do in the flow of the world due to the phenomenon of nature like the artist’ mind? I’m thinking with the question of choice, responsibility, and faith. It comes to the conclusion that it becomes holy in front of nature and becomes a society where individuals and individuals connected to everyday life gather and achieve civilization. I prefer Newton’s objectivity of the color he found through the prism, but I also have to admit the meaning related to Goethe’s subjective color. It is also like a picture that suggests the direction of art because it has to put one’s subjectivity as an artist in order to capture the reality in front of one’s eyes. His landscape painting is a guide to the vivid and hidden area covered in shape and color, which makes him indulge in unconsciousness with a primitive body and spirit, but I can’t stop being serious with the reality that I meet suddenly.

– SHIN Hee Won, Gallery Doll curator

Water Reflection. 194×130cm. oil on linen. 2021.
Installation view

Gallery Doll
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