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Jeongwoong Lee

Installation View of ‘X MISSION X’ at Obscura

Jeongwoong Lee, who constructs a fantasy narrative with obscure multilayered symbols and conducts realistic painting works, will hold the X Mission X exhibition on April 9th. Lee, who has presented the Dream and Laputa series composed of mixed spacetime and fragmented symbols and figures, will unveil 17 meticulously crafted still-life paintings that are the most realistic yet virtual through this exhibition.

Jeongwoong Lee, 404 Not Found, 2023, Oil on canvas, 130 x 130 cm

The new still-life works are more challenging and intricate than the previous exhibition Encounter with the Unknown (2023, Chamber 1965, Seoul). Upon entering the exhibition hall, the large-scale work “Rendezvous_True Survivors” reminiscent of a foundation painting welcomes visitors beyond challenge and intricacy, feeling sublime. Lee Jeongwoong is undertaking several missions in the still-life series. As a thorough witness, he observes objects and implements them realistically. On the other hand, he manipulates the collection, combination, and changes of light in still-life, encountering a change in perspective between reality and virtuality. Lastly, he injects the narrative of a virtual painter that began with “I Wanted to Believe it Was a UFO,” causing a narrative overturn. The conclusions of these missions do not lead to a clear visual conclusion in any direction. However, his visual personality is clear.

Jeongwoong Lee, Fertilized Green, 2023, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

This X Mission X will provide a fresh visual shock of still-life painting, where you can see Lee’s still-life series of the past three years at once.

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