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Going along with the preceptor

2021.1.5 – 1.26
OH Tae hagk, KOH Chan gyu, KIM Jin kwan, KIM Sun doo, SUH Jung tae, LEE Gil woo

The exhibition of < Going along with the preceptor > is highly regarded for its color paintings and re-examines the historical significance of the contributions of Oh, Tae hagk to Korean art history, which has his own unique world of works that no one can be compared. This exhibition is opened by 5 disciples in the sense of hommage to the teacher.

In the 1980s, Oh, Tae hagk introduced the mural technique to establish a new style of Korean painting, the so-called “Shandong” style.

Korean artists such as Go, Chan gyu, who captures the daily life of small citizens in colored paintings, Kim Sun doo, who seeks avant-garde changes in Korean painting with a transcendental gaze, Kim, Jin kwan, who connects the Korean color painting lineage, Suh Jung tae, and Lee, Gil woo, a unique technique that uses overlapping images of East and West. It is a place carefully prepared by the disciples of Oh, Tae Hagk, who are newly unraveling their own way.

This is an exhibition presented by his disciples to Preceptor Oh, Tae Hagk, a lighthouse-like being who never forced his own as a teacher as a teacher, and it is a meaningful exhibition that heals the past times of 2020 and opens the new year warmly.

gallery NoW
16, Eonju-ro 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 725 2930