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Accumulating as we pass by

2022.6.25 – 7.23
Saki Maeda

22_18, Oil on canvas, 2021 ?YUKIKOMIZUTANI

YUKIKOMIZUTANI is pleased to present Saki Maeda’s solo exhibition “Accumulating as we pass by” from June 25 to July 23. Saki Maeda has been attempting to visualize the underlying fabric of all occurrences and its accumulation, through paintings with the motif of triangles.

The triangles standing on the canvas embody her assertion about all things and their relationships, that “substance doesn’t intersect with its surrounding, defined by its borders very”. The exhibition titled “Accumulating as we pass by” focuses on the unconscious accumulation we make in our lives. The exhibition will feature a year long record of her accumulation, from her latest works to her largest paintings ever made.

21_29, Oil on canvas, 2021 ?YUKIKOMIZUTANI

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