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Remained Scenery

2022. 4. 15 – 5. 1

PARK Yun Ji’s paintings are mysterious and beautiful. The scene that goes well with the color while glimmering like a wave gives off charm with the atmosphere. The abstract and realistic screen is entirely harmonious. A painting in a strange space that is soft but hard and likely to escape somewhere is based on the artist’s usual experience, but it is not the subject of capturing the scene. Rather, the screen remains as an afterimage as if it had been seen somewhere because it presupposes a shadow that follows the light. It puts something in front of it in forms with fine tremors or soft sides, but as a shadow, not an object, it feels like memory conveys it like a margin of oriental painting. As if to infer what is invisible from what is seen, the shadow gently permeates as it meets color with the sensuous action of one’s inner self. Things disappear or shrink completely, and shadows fill the screen with colors. The artist’s work has direction that gives hints of placeability, but it is more abstract than that. There is space, and the mixture of pigments and shadows, it is not known whether this place is left behind or starting again. Something that is hovering in our mind turns into an image and settles down.

– SHIN Hee Won, Gallery Doll Curator

Gallery Doll
87 Samcheongro, Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 739 1405~6