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each passing day

2022. 6. 10 – 7. 8
Shota Nakamura

Installation view Courtesy Peres Projects

Peres Projects is pleased to present each passing day, Shota Nakamura’s (b. 1987 in Yamanashi, JP) second solo exhibition at the Berlin gallery.

Shota Nakamura night drawing, 2022 Painting – Oil on canvas 180 x 140 cm (71 x 55 in) Courtesy Peres Projects

In night drawing (2022), a male figure leans over the pages of a book while a fluid red path leads from his desk into a forested landscape. Nakamura’s paintings are portals which extend into other realms – his compositions depicting a leaky boundary between domestic and wild spaces, invites the viewer into his kaleidoscopic worlds.

Shota Nakamura day napping, 2022 Painting – Oil on canvas 160 x 160 cm (63 x 63 in) Courtesy Peres Projects

Nakamura takes up the question posed by British anthropologist Tim Ingold, “What is the difference between walking on the ground, in the landscapes of ‘real life’, and walking in the imagination, as in reading, writing, painting or listening to music?”. His paintings deal with transitions and liminal spaces. Building on his two most recent solo exhibitions, the somnambulant figures, walkers and readers in each passing day move through the landscapes of real and imaginary worlds. In fact, many of the figures appear to be in a state of becoming one with their surroundings, as elongated bodies resemble flower stems, hats take after the leaves on the trees and color palettes that blends with the landscape. The distinction between figure and landscape is softened.

Shota Nakamura red tree landscape, 2022 Painting – Oil on canvas 180 x 200 cm (71 x 79 in) Courtesy Peres Projects

In Nakamura’s most self-reflexive exhibition to date, each passing day is an expression of how we make, encounter and hold images. Made up of mostly oil paintings, the works weave together an analogy between creating images and imagining worlds. In reflecting on the image research that is so critical to his practice, Nakamura’s paintings digest the churning of our present. His response is a calm stillness, relieving the viewer from the relentless influx of images and media.

Shota Nakamura night walk(pee), 2022 Painting – Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm (47 x 39 in) Courtesy Peres Projects

Nakamura obscures the distinction between fore and background, as well as subjectivity, which can be understood as a metaphor for the collapse of hierarchy between humans and the natural world.

This is Nakamura’s second solo exhibition with Peres Projects in our Berlin gallery. His solo exhibition, Walking, was recently on view at the Ilwoo Space in Seoul. Other solo exhibitions include Blind, Morioka Shoten, Tokyo, Mai, grüner Wald, Gallery Trax, Yamanashi and Play Of Sunlight, AGORA Collective, Berlin. In addition, Nakamura has exhibited in a number of international group exhibitions Male Nudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021, Mendes Wood DM, Sao Paulo, Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York and In Bloom, Belsunce Projects, Marseille.

Installation view Courtesy Peres Projects

Peres Projects
Karl-Marx-Allee 82, Berlin, Germany