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A Continuous Journey: SEOUL


Jen PAK. Legoscape(-ing) Seoul series 1,2,3_2023. Courtesy K.O.N.G. Gallery

In line with the 2023 KIAF and Frieze period, K.O.N.G. Gallery is holding “A Continuous Journey: Seoul,” introducing the latest works of the exclusive young Korean-American artist Jen PAK.

Jen PAK won the Grand Prize among the 10 young artists selected by the Korean Gallery Association in April 2023. She also won a special award from Porsche Korea, as one of the most noteworthy young artists in the Korean contemporary art market.

Legoscape bench (front) _ Cheongdam-dong installation (back) _ Courtesy K.O.N.G. GALLERY

This exhibition showcases about 10 large-scale paintings and colorful sculpture installations which are based on architectures of Hannam-dong, Samcheong-dong, Kyeongbok palace, and Cheongdam-dong in Seoul.

From September 6th to 10th, in the KIAF, you can find her works at the KONG GALLERY booth B4 in COEX and also at Incheon International Airport

젠박, Legoscape(-ing) 2.5_acrylic on linen_200x162cm_2023. Courtesy K.O.N.G. GALLERY

Jen Pak (b.1985, NY) is known for her Legoscape series. (“Legoscape”—a combination of the words “lego,” “cityscape,” and “escape”) Her works reflect the artist’s desire to escape from reality to an imaginary, orderly world. As new buildings are erected and old ones demolished, she builds her own bright lively city on an empty canvas using acrylic paint. She continues to explore the idea of building a utopia by creating sculptures experimenting with different mediums. She works to create an intermediary between the real and the imagined space, characterized by color/ form interaction. Legoscape(-ing), an ongoing project, continuously gives new information and writes a new set of instructions as a new building is added.

Based on her experience of living in large cities such as Seoul, Singapore, and New York, she continues her independent work of expressing the interaction between the city and the artist’s inner world through paintings and sculptures. In April 13, 2023, among the 10 young artists selected by the Korea galleries art fair, she won both the Grand Prize and the Porsche Korea Special Award, and is currently the most noteworthy young artist.

38, Samcheongro 7gil, Jongno-gu

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