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Moonassi 무나씨

Moonassi, Keep you burning, 2023, Meok and acrylic on hanji, 92 x 72 cm 

From February 1st to 24th, 2024, Galerie Vazieux hosts the first solo exhibition in France by Korean artist Moonassi. Entitled “Murmures”, it features eighteen previously unseen works in black ink and acrylic on traditional Korean paper (hanji).

Moonassi, Dive into uncertainty, 2023, Meok and acrylic on hanji, 92 x 72 cm 

Moonassi 무나씨 (b. 1980), also known as Daehyun Kim, has became famous on the Korean and international creative and artistic scene as an illustrator and painter since 2008. His drawings, with their clean, graphic style, have won over an eclectic clientele – from the Maison Kitsuné label to the luxury house Hermès, via the famous American daily The New York Times – while his paintings are exhibited in galleries and museums in Europe and Asia.

Moonassi, A Burden a priori, 2023, Meok and acrylic on hanji, 92 x 72 cm 

From his training in traditional Korean painting, Moonassi retains the use of materials – paper, ink, water – as well as the spiritual essence – representing feelings rather than likeness. In a very contemporary aesthetic, he deploys large black flat tints from which emerge characters evolving in enigmatic, silent landscapes. The sceneries, which sometimes seem to touch on surrealism, are inspired by the artist’s memories and poetic imagination. Conceived as metaphysical explorations of the human condition, Moonassi’s singular works offer an infinite palette of emotions, plunging us into a dreamlike universe of multiple interpretations.

Galerie Vazieux
5bis Rue du Louvre, Paris, France 75001
+331 48 00 91 00