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Jeongwon Yoon: The Song of Spirits

2020.8.27 – 10.10
Jeongwon Yoon

GalleryJJ is pleased to present recent works by Yoon Jeongwon. She envisions human desires and fantasies emerging in her life and embodies them in drawings, paintings, installations, and photographs. While studying in Germany, she has received worldwide accolades including International Art Award at the Kunstverein. Among her works, particularly well-known Barbie doll series and chandelier installations, are collected by many institutions. She often creates such colorful images that have ready-made and kitsch elements by using recycled industrial products and clothing subsidiaries such as beads and buttons. Animals, people, and fairies coexist without hierarchy, playing, and dancing, in which her paintings and photographs diversify through this mixture. This solo exhibition by mainly comprised of new paintings and drawings. In particular, with a triptych Song of Pleasure as the centerpiece, the exhibition space transforms into stereoscopic and synesthetic space as if it were a performance stage led by an orchestra. Fairies, animals, ballerinas, musicians, and different human races have all mingled in Yoon’s work hitherto, but her recent work presented in this show focuses on animals, especially birds. Yoon’s work illustrating scenes of natural elements implies resistance against selfishness and uniformity in the life of modern society. The narratives in her work guide us to comprehend the beauty itself that lies in all things through individuals to Mother Nature. Therefore she reminds us that reinstating Eros, the fantasy and others extinguished amid capitalist tyranny, is the way to overcome the crisis faced in art today.

Gallery JJ
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