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Cheong Kwang Ho : Johyun Gallery

2020.9.17 – 11.8
Cheong Kwang Ho

Johyun Gallery (Dalmaji venue) is pleased to announce Cheong Kwang Ho’s solo exhibition from September 17 to November 8. A sculpture is a tangible representation of the image manifested by the sculptor by means of materials, techniques, and tools to create into existence a specific way, as a specific object. Cheong oxymoronically refers to his works as non-sculptural sculptures, as he works with non-sculptural properties to create works that are essentially sculptural. The paradoxical expression is part of how he explores the essence of sculpture. The essence of his sculptures may be described as the aggregate sum of physical properties of volume and texture, the artist’s aesthetic and psychological exertion upon it, adding and removing from its form. The artist did not distinguish between the inside and outside, rather exposing from the surface then penetrating through to suggest that surfaces are merely the superficial layer of sculptural essence and the surface of reality.

The exhibition showcases Cheong Kwang Ho’s signature works created between 2007 and 2020. The thin copper wires that form his sculptures define the medium in unfamiliar ways, be it flower petals and leaves, fish, pots, and landscapes. Just as finishing touches of brush strokes are to painted works, Cheong makes deft use of copper wires into expressive patterns in space. By expressing the linear elements adopted from painting, he completes three-dimensional forms that embody properties of either media. From a distance, the sculptures appear in space, but the surface’s finer lines become apparent upon closer viewing. Those finer lines flow with vitality in his works of flower petals, leaves, and fish, while his wire pot has lines that are geometrically jarring chips and cracks.

Johyun Gallery
171 Dalmaji 65 beongil, Haeundaegu, Busan, Korea
+82 51 747 8853