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Plastic Diamond

2021.6.1 – 6.19
Yujin Huh

Yujin Huh has been experimenting with hyperrealism painting with bottles and colors in her own way. The exhibition at 2GIL29 GALLERY in 2021 will consist of all new paintings of artificial diamonds as the objet. It is the second objet in the artist’s life and the first change. The shining properties of ‘Plastic Diamond,’ which means artificial jewelry, are engulfed in aspirations to capture a fascinating world. The artist talks about various sociological perspectives through her artificial jewels that depict the illusion of opaque modern society.

The exhibition at 2GIL29 GALLERY in 2021 will consist of all new paintings of artificial diamonds as the objet. It is the second objet in the artist’s life and the first change. Means fake jewelry, plastic diamonds can also be explained with a three-dimensional unit or piece, but the reality the artist wants to pursue is no different from the previous bottles. Only the subject matter has changed. Because it is transparent, it is reflected by light and either disperses or strongly holds the gaze. Shining properties are fascinating and give a desire to capture it. It is not important whether Yujin Huh’s Plastic Diamonds are genuine or imitation jewelry. In this seductive transparency, the moments of life and choice are found. Capture the various colors in fragile transparency. Colors shine within transparency and by reflecting the color around them, they begin to shine together. It shines beautifully, but there is a strange tension in it. Always try to be honest like transparency, but there is tension between temptation and various contacts. Want to be more specific, realistic, decorative, and sensual. Want to be more beautiful, attractive, honest, and dream for a change. Wishing for those who are alienated and shunned for being ‘fake,’ to eventually change anew, and not to rush or backtrack. Always prepare and approach the new. In Yujin Huh’s new paintings, we experience the extreme limits of the illusion that is expressed by her fingertips. Through changes in tasks that require accurate observation and concentration, fakes that want to be real find other aspects of life and a new direction.

Yujin Huh 허유진 Plastic Diamond, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 90.9×72.7cm © 2GIL29 GALLERY

Is our desire ‘real’?
Yujin Huh’s fake diamonds are satirizing us for living with a close tug-of-war between true and false, real life and imagination, image and reality, and consuming fake desires created by the media. Modern people use Photoshop to create a processed image without an original image, or characterize a non-existent character to replace themselves. This is the portrait of the Simulacre era, where fake images are overflowing, and fake and fake reality sometimes dominates real reality by fake reality affecting real reality. Beyond the desire to possess an image that is constantly produced by the media, the unconscious domination by the desire, the advertisement that dominates our lives, image, and consumer social issues are viewed critically. The artist wanted to express fake desire in a fake image and the desire to make something that does not exist to appear in the work.

Yujin Huh 허유진 Plastic Diamond, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 116.8×80.3cm © 2GIL29 GALLERY

Artist Biography
Artist Yujin Huh (b.1978) is a female painter who majored in western painting at Hongik University and the graduate school, established herself as a painting artist among Korean painters. Her realistic portrayal with traditional oil paints, which is based on ‘extreme realism’ that is close to photography, has been loved by the public for more than 20 years. The paintings she recreates have a distinct aesthetic that no one can imitate, and the reason is because she is faithful to the essence of painting in the complex and diverse history of contemporary art. Artist Yujin Huh says that ‘the moment she draws’ is the reason she exists, and it also makes her alive. Armed with her relentless, flexible brush strokes and tense breathing, no one can imitate the way she paints. Consist of privately hidden artistic enthusiasm and visible desire that are free and beautiful. Colorful paintings of transparent and smooth surfaced processed objects, with precarious properties that are easily broken, represent our human sociology.

2GIL29 Bldg. 35, Gangnam-daero 158-gil, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 6203 2015