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The Dignity of Art

2022. 7. 13 – 8. 28
Hyojin Park, Sangsun Bae

LEE & BAE is pleased to announce Hyojin Park and Sangsun Bae’s duo show. Dignity in art refers to the true value of the work or the dignity of the work. The fact that works of art have dignity is to inspire understanding, consideration, and empathy for others. In this respect, Sangsun Bae’s velvet painting, which constitutes the canvas with monochrome and countless lines, expresses the wavelength and depth of human relationships with accumulation of time, and induces not only the artist herself but also the viewer to reflect on human inner self. Hyojin Park’s sculptures, stained with intense colors, also play a role as a very dignified medium to persuade gracefully about the direction of life while paradoxically expressing human desires and emptiness.

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