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Over the fence

2022. 2. 9 – 2. 26
Jeeeun Park, Seowon Chang

2GIL29 GALLERY is pleased to present a group exhibition < Over the fence > by painter Jeeeun Park(IYAGI)(B.1972) and Florist Seowon Chang(B. 1991), from Feb 9th to Feb 26th, 2022. This exhibition is a 2person group exhibition by 2GIL29 GALLERY’s curation. This exhibition tells the story of two-person who have walked different path and genre but finally faced each other as creators’ path. Jeeeun Park majored in children’s education and Seowon Chang majored in engineering, but they turned their path into art creators to find what they really want to do. In this context, even their major and art genres are all different, they became each other’s connecting link and inspiration, this will be presented in this exhibition.

Jeeeun Park Daily Doodle no.2 2019 Mixed media on paper 61.5 x 80cm

Jeeeun park(IYAGI) has a stage name, including the meaning of drawing through a child’s heart(kid in Korean pronunciation is I) to my story(my=I). After her long career in the picture book, she wanted to be herself in painting. She started daily doodling as a first step. She creates artworks like daily reports as pure children’s play not using the rational realm, as a result, she takes out the most like herself creation in the real world. Her art world begins with curiosity about herself and it ultimately has a purpose to look her inner side perfectly. A story of a child who stays in her inner side, and toward what he or she enjoys, Park features various stories about surrounding beings, daily life, story of emotions in free and joyful ways. Florist Seowon Chang treats diverse flowers and imagines the nature where created at the beginning of the world out of human hands. She explores the primitive forms of Mother nature beyond the human imagination and combines images with various flowers as a model of the universe. In this way, the artworks created by Seowon Chang’s touch summons a time of nature and various forms of objects, birth and death of life are being as a form of art.

Although Jeeeun Park(IYAGI) and Seowon Chang deal different art medium and they seem to be acting in a different art scene, the curiosity about the inner side and universe what they digging into their art are a common denominator, and it started from the intangible world but finally meet in the world of creation. In this context, < Over the fence > will make us come out from the living radius that becomes narrow due to the COVID-19, and provide an artistic place of experience across various boundaries, subjects, objects, nature, and the universe in the world and art. The meeting between two artists, who dislike set rules and always find novelty, a new attempt to collaborate between plants and paintings, will give another world of art experience.

Seowon Chang, Neon2 2022 Mixed media 72.7×90.9cm

Jeeeun Park (B.1972)
Jeeeun Park got master’s degrees in both Advertising Design at Ewha Woman’s University’s Graduate School of Design and Illustration&Animation at Kingston University in the UK. Also, Park built a career as a picture book writer and illustrator. Park has a stage name called ‘IYAGI’ which means drawing the story of her(I) with the mind as a child(I=pronounce child in Korean is [I]). For her, creative action is the process of exploring herself. Park expresses her story like a child who is honest, instinctive, and fearless with the doodling technique. Just like a child speaks honestly and instinctively, Park expresses her inner-self through painting, for her painting is not a concern painting exists as a complete pleasure. She published picture books called “The Stone got warmer”, “Baby Seobal” and “The price I smelled”. Continuing her career not only participated in the collaboration of Honda Korea’s ‘Honda Gallery’, the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s ‘Doll Exhibition’, but also several exhibitions and fairs.

Seowon Chang (B.1991)
Seowon Chang completed Landscape Architecture at Dublin College in Ireland and worked across the boundaries between garden designers and florists. She visualizes specific shapes through plants and flowers also explores the order of nature and the curiosity of the universe. She manages living plants, interacts with plants, under the state of impassivity. She finds the answers and attitudes of life through nature, and it is expanded as her journey of the art world. Recently, Chang works on documenting the relationship accumulated between plants and the inspiration from plants in the form of photographs in a virtual space. The artist embodies the appearance of the beginning that humans didn’t touch yet, which is embodied as a non-existing virtual flower that does not match the proportion in reality. Newly created nature and plants show a world beyond human imagination, for instance, interact with humans as a medium of virtual and reality. She was awarded at the Forest Field and Policy Idea Contest held by the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute(KOFPI) and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI) and carried out a number of commercial projects such as Lush, Chaumet, and The Book Company.

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