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Not Easy

2021. 12. 1 – 12. 30
Jin Meyerson, Yoo Naul, and Lee Wan

313 Art Project is delighted to open a group exhibition < Not Easy > with three artists, Jin Meyerson, Yoo Naul, and Lee Wan. They have, over time, built relationships as good friends as well as fellow artists, and continued working while encouraging each other in difficult environments. By contemplating the system of our time and the touching on the thoughts of younger generation, they each try to give an answer to the difficult situation of today in the name of art.

Jin Meyerson, Survivor’s Guilt, 2021, Photography ⓒ SangTae Kim, Courtesy of 313 Art Project

When Jin Meyerson designs a new work, he constructs the canvas by partially sampling images from his past works. The landscape that unfolds before the audience’s eyes contains only a small part of his early work, and at the same time reflects epigenetic factors such as external stimuli and the experiences that the artist has gone through in life. As an adopted child, he had always questioned his identity, and as a way to relieve his questions that are still left unanswered, he has chosen a method where his past work would leave a footprint in next generation of his works. He designs each work as architecture by stacking and distorting multiple layers of images with a computer before working with oil on canvas. When faced with his works, the audience feels like floating through a big space created by the spatial ambience.

Installation view of < Not Easy >, Photography ⓒ SangTae Kim, Courtesy of 313 Art Project

Yoo Naul is an artist who has been steadily working in photography and drawing even before he became actively known as a singer. By rhythmically arranging objects that are useless to many people on a small screen, or by expanding objects to an unusually large extent, he confuses the audience and at the same time makes them take time thinking about people or objects that they normally pass by unintentionally. His religious beliefs are central to both his music and art. Despite the use of classical and analog techniques, his work deeply resonates with many because of his steady and calm faith toward god even today, when the weight of religion has faded socially. He says acknowledging the fragility of human truly enables the start of reflection on life. Through his works, the audience can look back on the path they have taken and contemplate on the future direction of their life.

Installation view of < Not Easy >, Photography ⓒ SangTae Kim, Courtesy of 313 Art Project

Lee Wan reveals his question and insight toward social structure and labor issues through paintings and video works. His work makes us realize that people move as planned in a huge, planned system, and both tangible and intangible goods are created accordingly. is a series of work in which the artist makes a few strokes with a single color on a canvas already painted with the finest brush by daily workers temporarily hired by the artist. This series of paintings are made as requested by the artist, and is merely a result of faithfully fulfilling the contract. Through this, the artist shares the question of what is meaningful in modern society and what is a diligent attitude. The old works shown in this exhibition make us question whether social and hierarchical problems have improved compared to the past, several years ago when these paintings were made

Installation view of < Not Easy >, Photography ⓒ SangTae Kim, Courtesy of 313 Art Project

When we say that something is not easy, we add ‘but…’ to it and suggest a sign of hope that we will overcome it even though it is difficult. We prepared the exhibition < Not Easy > as the last exhibition of this year within similar context, and wanted to share with the audience the anticipation and positivity for next year. We hope that the works of these three artists, which captures how they perceive and respond to the reality, will serve as comfort as well as clues for us during this difficult time.

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