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Tom ANHOLT: Fallen Flower

2021. 10. 27 – 11. 21

Installation View

Hakgojae Gallery is pleased to present works by Tom ANHOLT (b. 1987, Bath, U.K.) in his solo exhibition, Fallen Flower at Hakgojae Gallery and Hakgojae OROOM ( from October 27th (Wed) to November 21st (Sun), 2021. Tom ANHOLT is an internationally recognized painter. He has held solo exhibitions in various cities around the world including London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, etc., and received great attention. This exhibition is his second at Hakgojae Gallery, after two years since his first solo show in Asia at Hakgojae Cheongdam in 2019. Tom ANHOLT weaves an intricate narrative net by overlapping personal experiences and imagined stories with references from various art-historical sources. The title, Fallen Flower signifies the single blossom that has fallen from its stem. Through his unique artistic language, Tom ANHOLT realizes the narrative of a love story – romantic, yet unstable and at times, violent, even. 24 recent paintings are on view for this exhibition. The geometric picture screen, composed through cinematic sensibility is mystical.

Tom ANHOLT, Fallen Flower I, 2021, Oil on linen, 170x150cm

Tom ANHOLT was born in Bath, U.K. in 1987. After receiving his BA Hons degree in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts in 2010, he settled in Berlin. In 2018, he held a solo exhibition at Kunstverein Ulm (Ulm, Germany) and held his first solo exhibition in Asia a year later in 2019, at Hakgojae Cheongdam (Seoul) and received great attention. He made his name as one of the most renowned young contemporary artists by presenting solo exhibitions all over the world, including Galerie EIGEN + ART (Berlin; Leipzig, Germany), Galerie Mikael Andersen (Berlin, Copenhagen), Josh Lilley (London), François Ghebaly Gallery (Los Angeles, U.S.), 1969 Gallery (New York), etc. He has also participated in various group exhibitions at Hakgojae Gallery (Seoul), Berlinische Galerie (Berlin), Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg, Germany), Kunstmuseum Bonn (Bonn, Germany), Freies Museum (Berlin), KH7 artspace (Aarhus, Denmark), Saatchi Gallery (London), etc. His works are a part of renowned collections such as Collection Alessandro Benetton (Treviso, Italy), Collection Mario Testino (London), Collection Miettinen (Germany; Finland), Collection Saatchi (London), Danish Bibliographic Centre (Copenhagen), etc.

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