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Tracing human energy

2021.11.18 – 12.14
KIM Misoon

Kim Mi Soon is a noted Korean artist who has exhibited widely in Europe, Asia, and the United States over the past 30 years.
She was at the vanguard of the new movement of abstract Korean ink painting that emerged in the early 1980s.

KIm MiSoon, Traces 18-1, ink on paper, 2021, 139X139cm

Born in 1959, Kim has lived and worked in Seoul, Paris, Hong Kong, New Delhi and New York, and is currently based in Washington DC.
Reflecting a distinctive aesthetic that is heavily influenced by oriental Zen’s emphasis on simplicity and the natural world, her work embraces sensuality while stimulating the mind and emotions to contemplate the essence of reality.

KIm MiSoon, Traces 03-1, ink on rice paper, 2021, 61X138cm

Traditional ink represents the color of the cosmos. In her paintings, Kim invests the color of ink with an energy that both soothes and challenges the viewer.
Within the empty spaces that inhabit her canvasses, the ink strokes born of the essential human struggle between darkness and light, and hope and despair -achieve a sense of freedom and release.

KIm MiSoon, Traces, ink on rice paper, 2018, 80X88cm

Tracing Human Energy
My essential focus has always been to deepen my understanding of the nature and purpose of my life as I experience it.
Faced with the reality of a finite, unrepeatable lifetime, I see no option but to continually strive for positivity of thought and outlook.
The materials I have chosen to work with — ink and rice paper — reflect, in their very nature, this focus and my effort to express the thoughts it engenders. Each brush stroke is a small birth that — once delivered – cannot be retouched, modified or repeated.
The subjects of my paintings are the traces of human lives; the waves of energy individual people expend in their own effort to understand their place and purpose.
The nature of this energy is extremely diverse and particular to each individual, and every single brush stroke in my paintings is representative of that individual. The diversity is expressed through variations in the strength and force of each stroke, along with the depth and concentration of the ink. – 2021.09 Artist Note

4, Gomurae-Ro 8 Gil, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea 06593
+82 2 514 5122