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2021.11.11 – 12. 3
Moonjoo Lee

2GIL29 GALLERY is pleased to present a solo exhibition by “painting artist” Moonjoo Lee, from 11th Nov. 2021 to 3rd Dec. 2021. Right after studying in USA and returning to Korea, the first theme she examined was the ‘Landscape of the urban redevelopment’, however in this exhibition, her paintings show new series of artworks that focused on humans, not a city space. In realistic landscape painting with observing artist’s surrounding, there exist an artist’s particular interpretation of social value of art. Those artworks are one of her series of processes based on an outdoor dance class scene when she passed by a park few years ago. As viewers can see from her works, there are a group of people, old men with gray hair but who are very energetic, in contrast, old age people who struggle with dance step, elderly men who dance for remedial exercise, and part-time hired young man who dances for participants’ partner, they all try to perform hardly and diligently following a young tutor’s order from a microphone. This dance class was a Gu-office’s “Healthy 100years old class” program which runs once a week in early Autumn 2013. This scene of dance class catches the artist’s sight accidentally, but it remained a deep impression on her mind and finally visualized as a beauty, sense of loss, transience, and various mixed emotions.

Moonjoo Lee_Senior Dance Class Ⅱ_2019_Acrylic and charcoal on paper_99 x 69.5cm

Among the protagonists in Moonjoo Lee’s paintings, she gives a special attention to old people’s life. Because the old people are usually stigmatized as a misfit without new and sophisticated social manner and concepts, in our rapidly changing time. In other words, there is a widespread prevailing perception of old people, for instance, old people who have a stubborn character with their narrow views, and who need looked after because they have a no productivity anymore. It makes no odds what was the starting point of artist’s motivation, rather than explore the social issues through her artworks, Moonjoo Lee seeks to more concentrate on visualizing matter. In limited circumstance to find a reference image and observing subject, she devotes much effort to methods of expression between realism and obscurity, detailed space and flat plane, or how to color, contrast, and simplify various visual elements. Each of her artworks looks as a photograph. While a new term called “100 years old ages” appeared in our society with youth image to the fore, but our reality of society still faces to difficulties to embrace a person ages. In this context, ‘Dance’ series is a re-thinking process of awakening of one’s consciousness and unconsciousness prejudice and human existence image through visualizing the old people that everyone will encounter in the future. And this series could be also the traces that are constantly created within the artist’s picture plane with artist’s natural senses and consideration of social consciousness. In this regard, this solo exhibition by Moonjoo Lee will provide a great opportunity to audience relish the deep energy from her matured paintings over time.

Installation View

Moonjoo Lee(B. 1972) majored a western painting at Seoul University and graduated school, also completed Cranbrook Academy of Art in USA. Since 2005, she buckled down to exhibit her artworks in Kumho Museum and The alternative space pool in Korea, and participated for artist residency at MMCA Residency Changdong, SeMA NANJI Residency, and Künstlerhaus bethanien studio program as well. From mid 1990’s she has rephrased various city’s urban redevelopment not only in Seoul but also in Boston, Detroit and Berlin with her peculiar pictorial technique, and has sought to find a social role of art consistently.

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