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2021.5.6 – 6.13
Yunzo Paek

Azulejo Gallery holds Yunzo Paek’s solo exhibition 《 TO AND FROM 》 from May 6 to June 13.

Yunzo Paek has been transforming images inspired by everyday landscapes such as objects and people she encountered around her using rhythmic visual language on canvas.

This exhibition introduces a number of new works, including the Walk series, which gained motifs from walking, the patterned paintings, Doodle series that allows you to discover the balance of freedom and moderation at the same time, and the first drawings, Miami series to be showcased at this exhibition.

“I want to talk to the world about the special energy I get from something everyday. And through that communication, I’m encouraged and I’m taking a step forward again,” the artist said calmly, making guess that her direction is at an angle rather than speed.

Like the characters in the Walk series who take steps toward their own path, and the Doodle series, which continues to expand its branches endlessly, the artist develops daily pictorial practices.

In her third solo exhibition, 《 TO AND FROM 》, check out Yunzo Paek’s extended world that encompasses the beginning and transformation of her works.

Azulejo Gallery
10 Azulejo Gallery, Samseong-ro 149-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 725 6810