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2022. 4. 6 – 5. 18
Kim Kyungwon, Kim Younkyung, Kim Jiyoo, OZO, Lim Jimin, CONCON, Hong Taeyang

Kim Younkyung_prologue. 91×116.8cm. Oil on canvas. 2022

Fill Gallery will hold a group exhibition 2022 FOCUS exhibition showing the fresh and sensuous work of seven artists (Kim, Kyungwon / Kim, Younkyung / Kim Jiyoo / OZO / Lim, Jimin / CONCON / Hong, Taeyang).

Each artist observes the ever-changing human society and finds a clue to their perception, and in the process, they remain serious and cheerful. Although the forms of work they observed and expressed are different, they are like siblings in that they all struggle and develop to capture us in the same era.

Lim Jimin_Green marbles. oil on canvas. 100x100cm. 2020

Artist Lim, Jimin explores the self by shifting the focus between the records of memory. Artist Kim, Younkyung and artist Kim, Jiyoo, who borrows light or draws reflection and journey on identity by leaning on communication with natural objects. Kim, Kyungwon and CONCON artists are talking about the problematic parts of society where inhumane consumption is rampant and drifting in digital culture. OZO artists and Hong, Taeyang artists discuss the possibility of coexistence between ecosystems and humans, and ideological discourse that should be recognized for them.

CONCON_NFT COIN 2. acrylic on canvas. 90x90cm. 2022

These works, which have been explored from the secret ego to the macro-social image, are the most vivid reports of contemporary artists. I hope you will have time to draw their attention and illuminate the cross-section of the times that can pass in a moment.

The 2022 FOCUS exhibition will be available from April 6 to May 18 at Fill Gallery (24 UN Village-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul).

OZO_My peaceful paradise_61x91cm_Mixed media_2022
Hong Taeyang_goodeveningg. 100×80.3cm. mixed media on canvas. 2021

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