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Some things last a long time

2023.2.18 – 3. 18
Pablo Benzo

Some things last a long time, Installation View

Steve Turner is pleased to present Some things last a long time, the debut solo exhibition for Santiago-born and Berlin-based Pablo Benzo.
The exhibition will feature a group of new paintings that are inspired by imagination, dream, design and nature. The paintings have a tropical island feeling as though they depict blue skies and oceans, fiery sunsets, green hills and exotic plants, fruits and flowers. Yet there are no such scenes.

Pablo Benzo, Sing it softly, for the song is wild, 2023, Oil on linen, 200 x 150 cm

Benzo mostly creates exotic interior scenes that contain windows to the outer world. The juxtapositions combine biomorphic forms and rectilinear geometry which enable the viewer to inhabit an exotic installation of art and design. Pedestals and table tops hold a single black shoe, an oversized pear, a radiantly yellow lemon, an undulating vase or an exotic lamp or flower. Delicately painted contrasting gradients of color fill the paintings, and though there are no human figures, table legs with refined feet convey movement and life.

Pablo Benzo, Liquid in my retina, 2023, Oil on linen, Diptych 80 x 119.4 cm

The scenes are imagined and emotional, rhythmic and musical. According to Benzo,” I hope to emulate the experience of looking at a river from a fixed point. While you observe the same scene, the flowing water is always different.”

Pablo Benzo, Basket with pear and peaches, 2023, Oil on linen, 60 x 60 cm

Pablo Benzo (born Santiago, 1982) earned a degree in Graphic Design at University of Chile, 2009 before soon relocating to Berlin where he still resides. In recent years, his work has been included in numerous group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions at BC Gallery, Basel (2021); Dio Horia, Mykonos (2021); Gallery Animal, Santiago (2018 & 2020). This is Benzo’s first exhibition with Steve Turner.

Steve Turner
6830 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles CA 90038
(323) 460-3860