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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2022. 9. 16 – 10. 2
LEE Seung Hyun

LEE Seung-hyun is very good at drawing. The nature of painting is observed in a shape that is not difficult and clearly revealed. Above all, when you see scenes in the canvas, a space with nature or characters, your gaze stays naturally. The place and nature captured by chance are beautiful when light is exposed. Things are often revealed by light and do not only desire external perfection. Light creates things in an atmosphere, but what the artist pursues is a strange atmosphere created through light. The painting of a person or object that holds a moment inside, nature, and the artist finally creates an attractive painting when everything goes together. As if proving its existence, he has drawn portraits of characters for a long time, but when various things enter in the form of landscape paintings, it becomes interesting and stimulates our imagination. When you see a dark color for the first time and then a bright color, the painting leaves a strong impression as if it gives a familiar story. They are not as dramatic as the paintings of masters in history who express the outstanding moments with light based on the pictorial expression of light, but paintings are gentle and slowly presented. The moments in the canvas express the time of memories as if the wind sways and enjoying peace in the afternoon.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 130×95 Oil on canvas 2022

Pictures that reveal vividness, communicate with the world as if dreaming of romance. The behavior between people who would have influenced even a small amount in the process of experiencing one day becomes a picture, which presupposes our daily life. The appearance of a person as an object of painting is important, but it is natural that he wants to draw the inside of a person. Based on the way of life, the flow of time, and the years, there will be no material as abstract and infinite as humans. The philosophical themes that have poured out in the words of existence, the development of science, social culture, and rapid change in the world are based on us. Hoping for a better happiness of life as a human’s desire continues to change everything in life. The artist presents human characters from the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ on canvas revealing the characters and how things get along beautifully rather than a plot of the film. The oil paintings describe realistic scenes of the movie but have a different composition. A horizontal scene became the longitudinal, character is a portrait in reconstruction and expansion was made by his own perspective. Drawing as a conversation, layers of paint and types of lights that depends on the angle at which personality is interesting. In the movie, a real person became a character by acting through the emotional movement, including the space of the artist’s interpretation of the things that reveals the freedom of modern arts. The character from the old movie tries to unveil passing moments which were missed in the film through the paintings. The movie presents important things that they consider meaningful, and the paintings introduce us to things like sleeping outside or the film. In the end, from the artist’s point of view, memories accumulated which are forgotten in our daily life.

– SHIN Hee Won, Gallery Doll curator

On a Sunny Day 193.9×120 Oil on canvas 2022

Gallery Doll
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