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KIM Young-Hun: Frequency

KIM Young-Hun

Installation View of KIM Young-Hun: Frequency at Hakgojae Gallery

Hakgojae Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of KIM Young-Hun (b. 1964, Nonsan)’s solo exhibition Frequency from December 20th, 2023 to January 20th, 2024. KIM Young-Hun has gained international acclaim in esteemed art scenes in the United States, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. Since receiving the Grand Prize at the 1995 JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, he consistently surpasses expectations.

김영헌 KIM Young-Hun, P23043-일렉트로닉 노스탤지어, P23043-Electronic Nostalgia, 2023, 린넨에 유채 oil on linen, 100x80cm

Over the past five years, he has introduced a distinctive painting style, pushing the boundaries of Korean art. KIM Young-Hun delves into the underlying vibrations and rhythms shaping the creation of matter, the dynamics of nature, and the birth and extinction of life. Through the juxtaposition of opposing colors, he disrupts established forms and structures.

김영헌 KIM Young-Hun, P23048-일렉트로닉 노스탤지어, P23048-Electronic Nostalgia, 2023, 린넨에 유채 oil on linen, 45x53cm

Simultaneously revitalizing the fractured canvas with rhythm, he reveals the exquisite potential of ‘painterly painting’. The series Electronic Nostalgia takes inspiration from the noise that emerged on TV or monitors. Within the realm of art, the world’s noise transforms into a subtle innovation, giving birth to new substances through collisions.

김영헌 KIM Young-Hun, P23031-일렉트로닉 노스탤지어, P23031-Electronic Nostalgia, 2023, 린넨에 유채 oil on linen, 91x73cm

The universe unfolds as a continuous series of dynamic events. Life, in its dialectical nature, strives to overcome the contradiction between order and chaos. Pure order yields emptiness, while unbridled chaos leads to engulfing madness. The taut tension between these two elements orchestrates the dance of our lives. KIM Young-Hun’s paintings are rhythms that penetrate the core of this tension. Hakgojae Gallery aims to invite the audience into the progressive and dynamic world of contemporary painting.

김영헌 KIM Young-Hun, P23018-일렉트로닉 노스탤지어, P23018-Electronic Nostalgia, 2023, 린넨에 유채 oil on linen, 130x97cm

Hakgojae Gallery
50, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea