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CHAM; The Masquerade

2021.4.21 – 5.29
Park Grim

UARTSPACE is pleased to present the exhibition of Park Grim < CHAM; The Masquerade > from April 21 to May 29, 2021

Beginning with his 2018 solo exhibition, < HWARANGDO (花郞徒) – a crowd of beautiful men, bul-il Museum >, Park has been working to capture various stories related to queer in a traditional way of painting. Unlike the works that contain mainly autobiographical narratives that were shown in previous solo and group exhibitions, this exhibition is the subject of modern application and reinvention of traditional painting’ Attempting a new exploration to find identity as an artist.

Bel ami, 2020, Traditional Korean Painting on Silk, 130x130cm

‘Cham’ in the title refers to a dance performance ritual in Tibetan Buddhism, and the Masquerade’ literally means a masquerade ball in Tibetan Buddhism. The similarity and difference between the two words in the title form a kind of relationship between words, which are perceived differently according to the audience. The nature of this relationship is the artist’s greatest intention to convey to this exhibition.

In this exhibition, autobiographical narratives were excluded, and the form of religious painting was borrowed to try ‘stylization’, and the artist’s style formed in this process is a regularity that reflects’ unity and equity between works. Besides, to exclude autobiographical narratives, rather a meta-based approach, using the ways of previous solo exhibition < Hwarangdo > series, dismantled/recombined with a new approach that has not been tried before, and attempted an experiment on traditional painting media. And is throwing a message as a traditional artist for contemporary art.

Park Grim studied apprenticeship and graduated from Dongguk University’s Department of Buddhist Art. Major exhibitions include 2018 solo exhibition < HWARANGDO (花郞徒) – a crowd of beautiful men, bul-il Museum, Seoul, KR >, group exhibition 2020 < The masculine gender figure, Space9, Seoul, KR >, 2019 < The Flags, Doosan Gallery New York, Newyork, USA >, and 2018 Absolute Vodka Artist It was selected as an awards WINNER.

“If people make offerings with all their hearts through various beautiful dances and music, all of them will become Buddhists.”
Among the statutes of the ‘Legal Sutra’

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