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Park Ju-ho

Exhibition Poster of Circle at Gallery Woo

Gallery Woo will hold Park Ju-ho’s solo exhibition, ⟪Circle⟫, from January 18 (Thursday) to January 28 (Sunday), 2023.

동그라미, Oil on canvas, 90.9 x 72.7 cm, 2023

⟪Circle⟫ is the gallery’s first curated exhibition presented in the year of 2024, featuring around 14 of the artist’s recent paintings. The artistic world depicted by the artist through the motif of rice, a form of food, is his ‘mind.’ Grain by grain, meticulously stacked bowls of rice convey the emotions encapsulated by Park Ju-ho.

같은 방향, Oil on canvas, 193.9 x 130.3, 2023

A common nuance that consistently emerges within the frames is ‘non-monotony.’ In the round minds that the artist paints with a brush, one can find warm intentions, the hearts of those coming and going, the hurt caused by clumsy words, the desire to gain, futile hearts, lonely hearts, and hearts that diminish like dots.

마음 starting mind, Oil on canvas, 130.3 x 130.3, 2023

Born in Busan in 1980, Park Ju-ho, after completing his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at Silla University and Pusan National University, has been residing and working in Busan. Starting with his first solo exhibition in Busan in 2009, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as domestic and international art fairs in cities such as Daegu, Seoul, Ulsan, and Changwon, garnering public acclaim.

마음 starting mind, Oil on canvas, 193.9 x 130.3, 2023

The artist, who sought to express ‘mind’ through the motif of ‘rice,’ deeply reflects on the essence of capturing emotions on the canvas. As the flow of emotions fills the space or confines itself to a frame, the gathering and scattering of rice grains resemble the ever-changing nature of the mind.

Gallery Woo, with its newly renovated exhibition space, aims to create an opportunity to start 2024 with a positive heart towards humanity through Park Ju-ho’s exhibition ⟪Circle⟫. The works presented in this exhibition reveal a deeper and more dimensional exploration of the human inner self compared to the past.

Gallery Woo

1F, 110, 74 Daebyeon-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, 46079, Busan, Republic of Korea

+82 742 6596