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The Bright Beginning

Hwang Ran

Insatallation View of ‘The Bright Beginning’

Gallery Bakyoung will host a solo exhibition of artist Hwang Ran (b.1960~) titled 《The Bright Beginning》 at its Cheongdam venue (B2, 416 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) from May 23 to July 31, 2024.

Hwang Ran, Soaring Again B1, paper buttons, beads, crystals, pins on plexiglas, 110x110cm, 2015

This exhibition is a reflection and message of comfort following global events such as the 9/11 attacks witnessed by the artist in New York and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The title, “A New Start,” reflects the artist’s hope that viewers will find hope and gratitude in their lives.

Hwang Ran, Soaring Again, P1

Gallery Bakyoung, the first gallery in the Paju Book City established in 2008, and artist Hwang Ran, who has been actively working in the area for over a decade, have come together to deliver a progressive message of overcoming and comfort during these turbulent times. This exhibition also marks the artist’s support for Gallery Bakyoung’s expansion beyond Paju Book City to its new Seoul location.

Hwang Ran, The Red Wind, buttons, beads, pins on wooden panel, 140x110cm, 2022

Hwang Ran, who has been studying in New York since 1997 and continues to work actively in both New York and Paju, uses materials such as buttons (including paper buttons), threads, and pins to express patience and the transience of life. Her labor-intensive and repetitive process visualizes infinite time and introduces new cycles to the viewers.

Hwang Ran, Becoming Again_BY2, BY3

This exhibition will comprehensively showcase Hwang Ran’s distinctive installation work, featuring her famous series of plum blossoms, phoenixes, palaces, and chandeliers. These themes reflect the fleeting nature of life, human desires for permanence, and philosophical reflections on maintaining human dignity and conveying profound stories.

Hwang Ran, Beyond the Serenity (고요함 너머), paper buttons, beads, pins on plexiglass, painting, 100x100cm, 2024

In addition, viewers will experience new works not previously exhibited, such as abstract monochromatic plum blossom pieces and flower installations symbolizing the radiant moments of life in the face of inevitable death. Collaborative prototype works with Dior from a few years ago will also be on display.

Suyeon Ahn, Director of Gallery Bakyoung, expressed hope that visitors to the Cheongdam location will find comfort through Hwang Ran’s works during these challenging times. She also wishes for this exhibition to mark a new beginning for K-Art’s global recognition.

B2, 416 ALgujeLERYong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (The Trinity Place)