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GLASS FLEX : Studio Glass in Korea

2020.9.15 – 10.31

Namdoo KIM, Joonyong KIM, Jiyong LEE, Hyesook CHOI, Jongpil PYUN

Gallery SKLO, founded in 2003, is the first and only glass art gallery specializing in introducing contemporary glass artists and works in Korea. We prepared an exhibition that showcases the works of five artists, all of which exemplify the beauty and diversity of glass art through a variety of masterful techniques through 2020 Art Week. Studio Glass Movement in the U.S. prompted artists to move away from the 1960s industry practice of producing at factories to working at individual studios. This historic movement gave birth to the global contemporary glass art, which also led to the advancement of Korean contemporary glass art. They continue to explore and establish their own styles within contemporary art in their individual studios. While they use a common material – glass, they utilize different artistic approaches and techniques to create unique art pieces. The artistic “languages” they respectively speak almost feels extraordinary. We hope to interact with new audiences through Art Week, and see what the world-class Korean contemporary glass art offer beyond craft.



Gallery Sklo
1F, 29, Dasan-ro, 16-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 2236 1583