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Adam Handler, Sooyeon Hong, Wonkun Jun, Simon Morley, George Morton-Clark, Nick Schleicher, Meekyeoung Shin, Yongsun Suh, Jeongwon Yoon


Gallery JJ is pleased to present PANORAMA, a collection show concluding the year. Featuring JJ collections from 2023 and selected recent works by artists long associated with the gallery, the exhibition offers an unparalleled viewing experience. Explore the latest works by Yongsun Suh, a pivotal contemporary Korean painter; a determined survey of abstraction by Sooyeon Hong; vivid imagery by Jeongwon Yoon; globally acclaimed sculptural work using soap by Meekyoung Shin, and a uniquely captivating color planes by Wonkun Jun, Simon Morley, and Nick Schleicher. Additionally, delve into autobiographical stories conveying insights into life and happiness by Adam Handler, and George Morton-Clark’s unique language transcending pop and abstraction that have garnered attention in the current art scene. The collection of twenty-seven paintings and sculptures extends an opportunity to encounter and contemplate various artistic experiences in contemporary art.

아담핸들러 Adam Handler, Finding a tangerine cloud ghost abduction, 2022, Oil stick and acrylic on cradled wood panel, 30in round, 76.2cm

Adam Handler (b.1986) whimsically captures the essence of transcending existential void in finite life through ghost and girl figures, evoking varied emotions. Based in New York, he actively participates in the global art scene, solidifying his position as a prolific contemporary artist. Within the spontaneous and playful imagery lies a more profound scrutiny and witty expression that offer a captivating complexity beyond its innocent appearance. Through a juvenile lens infused with autobiographical stories, depicting a world of heroes and an imaginative cosmic garden, anticipate a distinct visual and artistic experience fostering empathy and inner resonance.

전원근 Wonkun Jun, 무제 Untitled, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90cm

Wonkun Jun (b.1970), based in Germany and Korea, distills life into paintings that resonate with color. His work, known as color planes or monochrome abstract paintings, offers a unique aura through his distinct technique of repeatedly layering and wiping out diluted pigments. While his composition utilizes basic forms such as points, lines and planes, the color-images often evoke an emotional response in the viewer, embracing warmth amid moderation and differentiating them from cold and formulaic minimalists. He believes in the consoling and healing power of art, imparting it as an aesthetic experience.

사이먼 몰리 Simon Morley, ”Whanki. Une Lumineuse Traversée’ (1981)’, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 73×60.5cm

Simon Morley (b.1958), originally from the UK, currently lives in Korea and often works and exhibits in Paris. His monochromatic works explore the spaces between conventions or ‘in-between,’ delving into the interplay between text and image. As both a painter and an art historian who has authored several scholarly publications, for him, books and text are inseparable elements from art. The Book Painting series involves the translation of books into paintings, one medium to another, reflecting his interest in cultural amalgamation and medium transformation, such as translating specific scenes from films or signboards into paintings.

조지 몰튼-클락 George Morton-Clark, Tennessee, 2020, Dye, charcoal and spray Paint on canvas,150 x 120cm

British artist George Morton-Clark (b.1982) seamlessly merges animation and abstraction, adding doodle-like elements to those characters from classic cartoons in popular culture. He imbues vitality and spontaneity into such nostalgic figures such as Tom and Jerry through dynamic and concise linework. They are reborn with a newly defined meaning by his reinterpretation. Using oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal, he decides on each move spontaneously and leaves the trace of his decision on canvas which evokes our curiosity. He currently works in East London and has recently gained immense attention from collectors worldwide.

닉 슐라이커 Nick Schleicher, OLI-OO, 2023, Acrylic, gel gloss, glazing medium, florescent pigment, and iridescent pigment on linen wrapped panel, 11x28in, 27.9×71.1cm

Nick Schleicher (b.1988) navigates the realm between painting and object in his abstract, color-field paintings characterized by luminous colors and tactile materiality. His work breaks away from the exactness and formality of minimalism in pursuit of something more human and whimsical. His process involves an extensive study of the canvas, its surface, and the materiality and application of pigments. Thin layers are applied repeatedly with fluorescent pigments and glossy gels until achieving flatness and a strong material presence. The interplay of transparent and opaque layers, enhanced by smooth and shimmering pigments, creates captivating ambiguity and spatiality.

신미경 Meekyoung Shin, Translation – Core, 2013, Soap, gold leaf, varnish, 104 x 30 x 30cm TKS 001

Working and living between London and Seoul, Meekyoung Shin (b.1967) has exhibited in renowned European museums including the British Museum. For over two decades, she has visualized temporality using soap as a medium, distinct from traditional sculptural materials, juxtaposing its variable nature with the weathered form of relics. This process makes temporality visible, addressing gaps and differences arising from the translation among cultures and materials in both spatial and temporal contexts. Issues of reproduction and authenticity are contested through the physicality of soap, challenging the authority of sculpture, and questioning the absolute value of relics and civilization. Such condensed time in her work prompts a revisit to the concept of sculpture itself.

서용선 Suh Yongsun, 59st., 2020-2023, Acrylic on canvas, 60.8 x 76cm

Yongsun Suh (b.1951) encapsulates diverse facets of human existence in his paintings. Every visual aspect of his work fundamentally explores humanity, intricately woven with social relationships governing human life. History, mythology, self-portrait, cityscapes, and landscapes serve as manifestations of his inquiry. Suh employs robust color and expressive brushstroke, presenting scenes that, while concise, reveal individual lives in the context of contemporary cities such as Seoul, New York, Berlin, and Melbourne. This artistic approach reflects his sincere contemplation of what it means to be human in the world one encounters.

홍수연 Hong Sooyeon, Lull-purple & blue #3, 2014, 45.5 x 35.5cm

Sooyeon Hong (b.1967) is known for her abstract works that create a weightless space on canvas, featuring irregular forms with dynamic movement. She employs a unique painting technique, tilting the canvas and applying color through gravity-induced dripping. Layers overlap in monochromatic backgrounds, giving the composition a deep, infinite spatial quality reminiscent of the cosmos and inducing diverse imaginations. Such dynamic movement portrays the abstraction of vitality, addressing constant transformation and balance within the viewer.

윤정원 Jeongwon Yoon, 딸기들의 왈츠 Strawberry Waltz, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 72.7 x 60.6cm

Jeongwon Yoon (b.1971) is acclaimed for paintings with unrestrained composition and fantasy, including her Barbie series portraying modern women and the dazzling chandelier series. These works embody her vision, expressing a longing for autonomy and resistance against institutionalized norms. Yoon effortlessly moves through diverse media, showcasing artistic versatility from large-scale works to everyday objects. These objects infused with her vivid imagination blur the boundary between life and art, and between dream and reality.

Text│Juyeon Kang, Gallery JJ Director

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