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About the attitude

2021. 12. 18 – 2022. 1. 15

2GIL29 GALLERY is pleased to present a solo exhibition < About the attitude > by Qwaya, from 18th Dec, 2021 to 29th Jan, 2022. Qwaya usually visualize artworks like writing everyday diary. Fragmented information recorded in inner side, it is recovered the objectivity through representative images captured by intuition, and it is also presented as new form of images. This exhibition shows various stories with lively embracing attitudes that artist felt and accepted from his surroundings, human and objects, so it concerns more about artist’s secretive and embodied thoughts beyond the record of moment. This topic is perhaps our appearance about the utopia, that our small and big relationships in our daily life with Covid pandemic situation.

As Qwaya’s works captured our daily life, audience can know the contents intuitively through the special situation, human figure, still life elements. What Qwaya’s artworks make more interesting is, our daily appearance which can be boring but it comes new and unfamiliar scene. His works are familiar at first glance, but if you observe closely, the composition of the space, the person’s gaze, the direction of the body, and the color scheme create a very unrealistic and dreamy atmosphere apart from the realistic subject matter of everyday.

A letter that he couldn’t send 2021 Oil on canvas 73 x 60.5cm (c)2GIL29 GALLERY

In particular, the character in the artwork attract the viewer’s attention, but he or she actually closed their eyes and not gaze the audience. This formation blocks the other’s gaze and maintain a distance. In addition, Qwaya’s unique style, such as the expression of the greenish skin color, one tone color, and relentless free brush stroke, are soon stimulate the audience’s subjective imagination and sense. In other words, Qwaya’s works share artists everyday first and reflect our daily attitude. Finally, it makes us to consider our everyday and surrounding, and lead us to engrave the value of art in our life.

Kiaf SEOUL 2021, held in October 2021, Qwaya’s < Ordinary people > series works were all sold out, so it was a place to vividly see that Qwaya’s artworks have loved and supported by numerous contemporary art lovers. Our lives can be dull easily for personal reason, within social roles and norms, or within the framework of everyday life. However, there is definitely the universal value of beauty here, and on the premise of this daily aesthetics, 2GIL29 GALLERY’S < About the attitude > exhibition that runs at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022, will illuminate our daily life and human portraits newly, and it can be a catalyst that gives fresh and warm impression.

Looking at the stars outside the window 2021 Oil on canvas 117 x 91cm (c)2GIL29 GALLERY

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