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Damien Poulain – Thickness of Time

2023. 2. 16 – 4. 1
Damien Poulain

From February 16th to April 1st, Damien Poulain’s solo exhibition – Thickness of Time will be held at Art Works Paris Seoul Gallery. In this exhibition, Poulain presents works based on memories of past trips to Korea and personal impressions of the wondrous nature of the peninsula. This solo exhibition is the first painting exhibition by the artist who has broadened the artistic boundaries of himself, which has been mainly engaged in murals and public art projects, and reflects a utopian worldview.

This series is the result of a transformation process that transforms memories of shapes, colors, and natural elements found in architecture into some unique combinations. The circularity of life, nature, and the solar system is explored through the playful use of the universal language of geometry and color to translate personal relationships with time and emotion into paintings.

It is not unusual to compare the artist’s process of painting, from sketching on paper to the final result, to harvesting, which is most affected by the seasons and lunar cycles. Sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes more instinctively, a series of actions and gestures that paint the screen affect life and show another passage of time. Likewise, the thickness and opacity of the pigments used to create the Thickness of Time series cover previous layers of paint in the same way that a new dawn erases the previous day, leaving only faint traces of memory. Or, like the night when silence covers the city and countryside, Poulain’s work reflects the leisurely movement of the moon slowly leaving space for the warm rising sun.

Poulain is an artist who works in various fields such as architecture and the natural environment as well as design. The color that constantly flows in the artist’s head is a powerful tool to reinterpret the world and connect with future audiences. Distinctive influences from Shinto to primitive and heraldic symbolism, visible in Poulain’s work, can also be found in his murals and installations scattered around the world. His public art projects, which convey social values and messages of positive love, optimism and possibility, aim to enhance multicultural exchange and a sense of community.

Art Works Paris Seoul
3F, 16 Bukchon-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 70 8114 3645

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