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Even If Life Deceives You

2023. 6. 16- 6. 27
HWANG Hye Shin

For the every moment connected to life

HWANG Hye Shin, Grope, 17x21x27cm, bronze, 2023

“If by life you were deceived, Don’t be dismal, don’t be wild” Like Pushkin’s poem, life still continues even if life deceives us. Answers that ask ourselves why, but are not easily found, make our own decisions and return to our daily lives. The artist’s sculptures are questions asked during life, such as pain, joy, and sadness that come from life, and the characters are diverse. It is not difficult to appreciate to works which reflect realistic things, and the inner side hidden in reality is projected on the eyes as it is.

HWANG Hye Shin, Beyond, resin, acrylic painting, glass, steel, stone, 18x15x20cm, 2021

In previous works, if the pain caused by loss containing the dark side has been prominent as a person and the realistic character of observing the scene where children live sadly in a harsh world but the artist’s works has recently become calm. It’s like designing a life through a break. With a more concise appearance, the child quietly faces the world. A relaxed expression imagines life. Even if hardships come, the works touch individual memories with a calm attitude of accepting their lives. Rather than a time in memory, it is connected to the artist’s daily life in a lasting moment when reality exists.

HWANG Hye Shin, 8am_jesmonite,wood,acrylic paint, 44×24.5×11cm, 2021

The flow of time is important, and I would like to identify myself as a being by connecting memories and emotions that suddenly came to mind with the artist’s psychology. The artist’s sculpture of a character is like a way to bring back yesterday, remember it, and make one’s own life. However, what meaning can be given by emotions connected to life that cannot be easily defined. Or should we continue our lives simply sometimes without meaning. The works seem to be located somewhere in the two questions. Sometimes, like fairy tales, characters full of sadness in some ways now look at the world as it is. The desire for happiness with a thinking attitude would have made these works.

HWANG Hye Shin, 小多公主 Small, Many, Princess, 92x70x70cm, resin, 2006

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