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The Colours

2022. 5. 7 – 6. 11
Kim Sung-kook

The Trees 26_karma oil on canvas 162.2×130.3cm 2022

Kim Sung-Kook is one of the few artists who has mastered the diverse painting techniques in depicting the objects. He aptly polishes the screen to enhance the sense of reality and masterfully deceives the viewers to feel like a three-dimensional is fixed on a plane surface even though he never applied a collage technique.

The Trees 27 oil on canvas 116.8×91cm 2022
The Trees 30 oil on canvas 116.8×91cm 2022

I was interested in his paintings as they offer us to think about the old values of paintings, as the work reproduces old mythical icons in the forms of modern people, reflects on human nature, and sends warnings about absurdities.

The brilliant colors that move the heart will give happiness and joy to everyone.

– Excerpts from Cho Eun jung(Art critic, art historian)

Gallery MANO
2F, 71, Apgujung-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea