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In Synchrony

Praiva & Patcharaphan Raiva And Group of Korea, Vietnamese and International artists

Phatcharaphan Raiva, 55%,  Watercolor on archival paper, 160x115cm, 2024

In Synchony exhibition is a collaboration between artist duo Praiva Raiva and Phatcharaphan Raiva. Phatcharaphan works with watercolors on paper, capturing the subtlety of nature and lively flowers. Praiva, on the other hand, creates vivid 3D sculptures influenced by living alone, telling stories about the changing phases of life.

Phatcharaphan Raiva, 92%, Watercolor on archival paper, 115x115cm, 2024

Despite their different artistic paths, they share a love for the liveliness of nature. They strive to convey the beauty of their experiences and emotions while respecting each other’s boundaries. In this project, they challenge themselves to collaborate, each retaining their imagination around the same themes from different perspectives.

Praiva Raiva, 78%, Bronze, Height 90cm, 2023

Praiva’s 3D sculptures are surrealistically presented in a two-dimensional world on paper. Phatcharaphan’s paintings enhance and perfect the feeling of Praiva’s work. This collaboration showcases a family dynamic where members lower their egos and allow respectful collaboration.

Praiva Raiva, 71%, Bronze, Height 90cm, 2023

Family, the smallest but most important unit, is crucial in shaping quality individuals for society. The Raiva family values this collaboration as an opportunity to learn from each other and share their fantasies as a family. Through their works, they convey this message.


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