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Biophilia: A handful of earth

2020.11.24 – 2021.3.1

An exhibition presenting the results of meditation by experts and artists; in the several fields of art, technology, design, research, and criticism; on humanity’s future in the age of COVID daily life will be held.

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism’s Asia Culture Center (ACC, Acting President Park Taeyoung) and Asia Culture Institute (ACI, President Lee Gipyo) are holding the 2020 ACC_R residency outcome exhibition, “Biophilia: A handful of earth” from the coming 24th to March 1st, 2021 at Space 1, ACC Creation

Started in 2016 and entering its fifth year this year, the ACC_R residency has supported the new works and experiments of approximately 600 experts selected through an international application process

The current exhibition presents the results of exchange and contemplation by 22 technology-based artists, designers, and researchers selected, from some 60 participants representing six fields, around this year’s core theme of biophilia.

The exhibition, to be held in a 991㎡ space, will be offered in three sections: the ACC_R Creators and ACC_R Design participants’ showcase, the ACC_R Dialogue researchers’ archive materials exhibition, and a 5th anniversary celebration section installing the work by the previous year’s participant.

At the present moment, when disasters caused by environmental destruction and a Coronavirus pandemic threaten our world like never before, participants unveil achievements differentiating the residency program while sharing their thoughts and exchanging inspiration within a reinforced collaboration structure.

Visitors will be treated to the participants’ forward-looking solutions for overcoming the Anthropocene’s crises of infectious disease, the climate crisis, and ecological transformation.

The ACC plans to hold an extensive roundtable discussion for the residency participants to share their research and creative achievements at its Space 1 auditorium at 1 p.m. on November 27th.

Residency researchers will present their findings and participating artists will discuss their works. A special lecture by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Center for Anthropocene Studies Director Park Buhmsoon on the present state and future of the Anthropocene will also take place. The event will be broadcast live on the official ACC Youtube channel.

“I am pleased to offer a space for professionals of various fields to come together with a timely theme and share their insightful and intellectual findings,” says ACC Acting President Park Taeyoung. He adds, “The ACC will continue fully carrying out its role as a multi-cultural link promoting the exchange of knowledge, technologies, and experiences among the entire world’s creative talents.”

Exhibition admissions will be offered at a 50% discount through December as part of an effort to help revitalize arts and culture consumption, which had receded due to COVID-19. The connected event of roundtable discussions will be available free of charge. Please visit the ACC website for more details (

Asia Culture Center (ACC)
38, Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, ACC Creation, Gwangju, Korea
+82 1899 5566