A Little After The Millennium


2020.10.20 – 11.20
Liam Gillick, Rebecca Warren, Markus Amm, Philippe Parreno, Anne Collier, Tobias Rehberger

Gallery Baton has steadily established itself as one of the most influential contemporary art galleries in Korea. Its pristine aesthetic and curatorial program create outstanding exhibitions that reflect noteworthy trends in contemporary art. Founded in 2011, the gallery strives to promote diversity by highlighting established artists and introducing emerging artists onto the world stage. The gallery also runs three alternative spaces, ‘Chapter II’ ‘Chapter II Yard’ that provides studio spaces, curatorial support and exhibition opportunities to the selected emerging artists as a nonprofit program while the Observation Deck that serves new media forms including video-based works.

Gallery Baton is pleased to present “A Little After The Millennium”, a group exhibition by internationally acclaimed contemporary artists:Liam Gillick, Rebecca Warren, Markus Amm, Philippe Parreno, Anne Collier, and Tobias Rehberger from Oct. 20th to Nov. 20th. This show is a reflection upon over twenty years of art by artists who all emerged around the year 2000 and each of them offers a unique perspective on what art could have been and what it has become. In a time of crisis we might be able perceive a “real” post-modernism – a creative collage of self-awareness – through the works of artists who have always been aware of the instability meaning yet continue to seek truth and beauty through the fog of uncertainty.

installation view of Jinnie Seo, Her Sides of Us, 2020
installation view of Yoon Suk One, Enfolding Landscape, 2020
installation view of Tobias Rehberger, Truths that would be maddening without love, 2020
installation view of In Lieu of Higher Ground, 2020

116, Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 597 5701


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