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To the Edge of Scenery

Adam Boyd, Chaewon Lee, Mevlana Lipp, Rim Park

《구부러진 눈 To the Edge of Scenery》, 2023, Installation view, ThisWeekendRoom

ThisWeekendRoom are pleased to organize the group exhibition To the Edge of Scenery with four international artists Adam Boyd, Chaewon Lee, Mevlana Lipp, and Rim Park, from October 6th to November 11th, 2023. This exhibition focuses on varied perspectives which reinterpret the surrounding landscapes away from universal standards. The artists recognize the obscured nature between the urban environment and the dense media layers. The exhibition title, ‘To the Edge of Scenery’ metaphorically represents artists’ sensories depicting the current landscape using symbolically meaningful lenses with different refractive indices.

《구부러진 눈 To the Edge of Scenery》, 2023, Installation view, ThisWeekendRoom

Adam Boyd transforms images multiple times to reinterpret the poetic landscape from reality. He deals with images of nature and urban landscapes captured by digital lenses, printing them onto thin fabric. The artist connects fabrics with various colors and textures along the stitches to the output images, obtaining images between figuration and abstraction. He composes multiple worlds connected through irregular seams which transcend the linear flow of time through the entire process of cutting, threading, piercing, and layering.

아담 보이드 Adam Boyd, Strand System, 2021, quilted felt, taffeta, cotton, UV print on polyester, hiking rope, batting and thread, 118 x 39 cm, Courtesy of the artist and ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul

The world Chaewon Lee depicts is an unknown, untouched place or somewhere no one can ever reach. Her paintings are picturesque and ideal like a dream, but at the same time, they evoke sharp landscapes that human beings may have destroyed or already erased. The series of paintings with umps of snowballs and clouds, unknown tiny wildflowers, deserts and lakes cross between these creatures are the last scene of the world that the artist imagined. She hopes that the dramatic scenes she creates will serve as a vent for the crisis and collision the earth is facing.

이채원 Chaewon Lee, 사막의 밤 Night in Desert, 2023, oil and acrylic on canvas, 80.3 x 100 cm, Courtesy of the artist and ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul

Mevlana Lipp is captivated by the vastness of the cosmos and the mystery of natural substances. He finds the similarities between the biological characteristics of plants and humans. He cultivates the vitality of self-illuminating flower buds, and the vines and leaves stretching from the center of the work to its edges through sharp and intense colors. The plants which seem both romantic and fascinating but seem dangerous simultaneously symbolizes an awe-inspiring nature that infinitely transcends the realm of humanity.

《구부러진 눈 To the Edge of Scenery》, 2023, Installation view, ThisWeekendRoom, Courtesy of the artist and ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul

Rim Park subtly senses biological changes happening on the periphery of daily life and transforms them into the art form between painting and sculpture. Moving beyond a mere aesthetic perspective of reality, Park cultivates fungi herself, observing them through a microscope, and constructs her artistic language from the irregular energy they possess. Delicate curves extend over the screen resembling the roots and stems of unknown plants, and the intertwined silhouette of wavy wooden panels again resembles the movements of non-human entities. The invisible world unveiled by the artist is like a protocol that traces the objects which evade the scope of cognition.

박예림 Rim Park, Mala, 2023, pigment, oil painting on dyed paper _ Birch wood, 144 x 110 x 5 cm_, Courtesy of the artist and ThisWeekendRoom, Seoul

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