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Teo Eng Seng : 50 Years of Defying the Norm

2023. 5. 16 – 7. 15
Teo Eng Seng

The Columns Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Singaporean artist Teo Eng Seng. Born in 1938, Teo Eng Seng is a highly respected interdisciplinary artist who has significantly contributed to the visual arts scene in Singapore. He is known for his innovative use of materials and mediums, including his invention of the “paperdyesculp”, or pulped paper. This medium consists of mixed wet paper dyed and sculpted.

Teo Eng Seng, All quiet at night, c. 2012, Acrylic on canvas, 155cm x 127 cm

Teo Eng Seng’s upcoming exhibition from May 16th to July 15th promises to be an exciting event for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Teo’s new works, which are created from plastic waste, continue to provoke and challenge social norms in Singapore and beyond.

Teo’s collections have gained him a loyal following. The National Gallery Singapore holds several pieces in its permanent collection, solidifying his place in Singapore’s rich artistic heritage.

Teo Eng Seng, ECP Marine Parade, 2018, Paperdyesculp, 100cm x 200cm

Teo’s latest creations continue to push the boundaries of traditional art forms, utilizing unconventional materials to convey important social messages. His use of plastic waste highlights the issue of waste and pollution, and encourages viewers to consider their own consumption habits and impact on the environment.

Teo Eng Seng, Night Sky Over Central Park, NY, 1982, Oil on canvas, 212cm x 184cm

Teo’s adept control of colour and textures invites the viewer to engage with the artwork in other ways besides the visual. The materials he uses to express his creativity are equally significant and crucial in conveying the artwork’s message. In some of his recent works, Teo reuses plastic medical bags to supplement organs with medicine. Plastic waste harms our population in the long run, yet these plastics sustain lives. Teo recreated these plastic medical bags into art so that these once life-saving creations can now be appreciated instead of dumped and turned into harmful plastic waste. Teo brings out the duality of simple materials and allows us to contemplate the meaning and purpose of the objects in our environment.

(c) Teo Eng Seng paints, paperdyesculp on plastic wastes 2023

Teo’s art is not only visually stunning, but it also carries a deeper meaning and message. His works challenge social norms and encourage viewers to question the status quo, making them not only beautiful pieces of art but also thought-provoking and impactful.

This exhibition is an opportunity to experience the power of Teo’s unique creations firsthand, and to witness the evolution of his artistic vision. It promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend, as Teo continues to innovate and inspire with his bold and socially conscious works of art.

The Columns Gallery
22 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks #01-35 Singapore 108939
+65 9030 7647

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