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Taejin Seong, All my days and precious moments

Taejin Seong

2GIL29 GALLERY is proud to present “All my days and precious moments” a solo exhibition by artist Taejin Seong (b. 1974), running from December 9, 2023, to January 13, 2024. This pivotal exhibition explores the intersection of popular culture and contemporary Korean art, conveying a human message of hope and belief through over fifty works, including paintings and installations. Centered around the popular symbol of ‘Taekwon V,’ Seong delves into the fundamental aspects of our humanity. By humanizing the robotic figure from animation, he illuminates the often overlooked yet critical moments in everyday life. His works embody a warm perspective on social indifference and the marginalized, delivering life’s vicissitudes with satirical yet profound impact to the audience.

이 세상 위엔 내가 있고, 2022, acrylic and ink on embossed woodpanel, 100x100cm

Seong’s creative process manifests in the traditional method of engraving text and images on woodblocks, a practice that echoes the patriotic spirit of our ancestors who engraved the Tripitaka Koreana. This unique method integrates personal aspirations with the spirit of Korean culture within the realm of contemporary art. By unifying modern societal realities with his production techniques, Seong reinterprets Taekwon V as a symbol of Korean energy, playing a crucial role in conveying the originality of contemporary Korean art to the world.

beyond the universe 2023-1, 2023, acrylic and ink on embossed wood panel, 120x80cm

One of the exhibition’s highlights, the engraved ‘Rocket Punch’ on woodblock, symbolizes the uncertainty and hope of our lives. The image of Rocket Punch adrift in space visually expresses the infinite energy of life, prompting viewers to discover the unfinished beauty and potential within their own lives. “All my days and precious moments” at 2GIL29 GALLERY offers a profound reflection on the everyday and defining moments in our individual lives. By exploring genuine human hope and belief, Seong merges personal experiences with the rich symbolism of Korean culture, attempting an artistic response to the cultural and societal challenges we face today. The exhibition fosters an artistic dialogue that plays a vital role in our lives and culture at every moment, creating a cultural conversation that bridges the past, present, and future.

Garosu-gil 35, Gangnam-daero 158gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
82 2 6203 2015