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Gwangsoo Park: Copper and Hand

Gwangsoo Park

박광수 PARK Gwangsoo, 초원 Grassland, 2023, 캔버스에 유화 Oil on canvas, 116.8x91cm

Hakgojae Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Gwangsoo Park (b. 1984)’s solo exhibition, Copper and Hand, from November 8th to December 9th. Park is a representative among Korea’s young artists, forging new horizons in the world of painting. He has created exquisite and elegant drawings and paintings. While the foundation of Western painting lies in the surface, Korea’s artistic heritage has arisen from a historical pursuit of the vibrancy of lines. In the construction of his unique painting style, the artist weaves his genuine experiences, view on the world, emotions, and desires. His works encapsulate a dynamic interplay between raw, primal lines and meticulously crafted compositions, the exquisite balance between individual elements and the overarching whole, the harmonious dance of passion and stability, and the intriguing tension between content and form. With each canvas, you uncover an infinite array of elements waiting to be discovered.

박광수 PARK Gwangsoo, Small Mountain 작은 산, 2023, 캔버스에 유채 Oil on canvas, 162.2x130cm

Gwangsoo Park has an affinity for the paint color ‘Iridescent Copper.’ ‘Iridescent’ alludes to its ability to shift hues based on the observer’s angle. ‘Copper’ refers to the elemental metal, the very first manipulated by human hands and the bedrock of both the Bronze Age civilization and our modern society. It serves as the fundamental pillar supporting the progression of our advanced future. Park’s admiration for nature runs deep, seeing it as a divine ‘Datum’ or bestowed gift. Yet, he acknowledges the perilous transformation of this ‘Datum’ into ‘Factum’ when seen through the human lens. The crux of Gwangsoo Park’s artistic narrative lies in the pursuit of a harmonious coexistence between these two elements, believing that, in this union, civilization and culture can uncover the essence of truth. His work embodies a unique fusion of moisture and solidity. It exudes a sense of repletion yet remains remarkably airy. Within the mesmerizing and gracefully executed brushwork and texture lies an intrinsic aesthetic that prompts profound contemplation about the path humans and nature should take. Park eloquently articulates, “Copper is the most ancient metal handled by humankind. It is celebrated for its enduring temporality and universal presence, bridging epochs from bygone lifestyles and mythology to the contemporary realms of industry and digital frontier, permeating the very fabric of our global existence. To me, copper transcends its metallic essence, evolving into a profound symbol and metaphor for the intricate relationship between creator and creation.”

Hakgojae Gallery
50, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea